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Hamann BMW M4 at the Essen Motor Show 2014: This M4 wants to stir up Essen

Hamann GmbH
Hamann BMW M4 at the Essen Motor Show 2014
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K classic naturally aspirated V8 engine ago: Despite fewer cylinders and a double-charged straight-six, BMW M3 /M4 remain popular vehicles in the tuning workshops, as the creations by Lightweight, Versus and Vorsteiner prove. Tuner Hamann from Laupheim now joins this list.

Hamann BMW M4 with GT3 rear wing

In this context, adding is probably the wrong word. After all, the tuner wants to step out of line with his refined BMW M4 and outperform the competition when it comes to attracting customers.

The main eye-catcher of the Hamann BMW M4 is the GT3 rear wing in body color. The filigree air control element, the end plates of which have a carbon look, is intended to reduce lift on the rear axle. A task that a spoiler lip on the M4 front has to fulfill. The carbon part stretches like an arch from fender to fender.

A new bonnet with carbon fiber element, modified side skirts, a diffuser with 4 vertical fins and 4 new tailpipes garnish the BMW M4 tuning from Hamann.

Six-cylinder in-line with 517 hp

Using an additional control unit, Hamann gives wings to the six-cylinder in-line biturbo engine of the BMW M4. Thank you: 517 hp and 700 Nm. Compared to the standard output of 431 hp and 550 Nm, this is a full increase in performance. The extent to which the 3.0-liter in-line six has an impact on performance is unknown. The production M4 with a track time of 4.3 seconds to 100 km /h should let the Hamann BMW M4 look into its 9 centimeter thick tailpipes.

Hamann carries the increased potency with a around 30 Millimeter lower chassis bill, the tuner equips the M4 with reinforced sport stabilizers. According to Hamann, they improve steering behavior and reduce the tendency to roll and roll. The Hamann BMW M4 moves on 21 inchers.

In the interior, Hamann makes the sports car pretty with special sports pedals and floor mats. For fans of light effects, there is LED entry lighting with the Hamann logo.


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