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Geiger Cars Viper GTS 710R: Even more bite with 710 PS

Geiger Cars
Geiger Cars Viper GTS 710R
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6 49 HP and 814 Nm from an 8.4 Liter large V10 naturally aspirated engine are enormous. Not huge enough for Geiger Cars. Using a new airbox and a new exhaust system including manifold and sports cats as well as a subsequent software optimization, the ten-cylinder sends a whopping 710 hp to the rear axle at 6,100 rpm and weights a huge 861 Newton meters on the crankshaft at 5,500 rpm.

Geiger Viper SRT is 341 km /h fast

The sprint from zero to 100 km /h should be history in 2.9 seconds, the top speed of the snake increases to 341 km /h. But Geiger has also improved the chassis. An adjustable KW coilover kit lowers the center of gravity a few centimeters and is intended to optimize the grip of the 295 /30ZR18 rollers at the front and the 355 /30ZR19 tires at the rear.

Geiger also finishes the aerodynamics of the Viper. The in-house carbon fiber aerodynamic kit consists of a front spoiler lip that protrudes far forward, a rear spoiler that is no less generously dimensioned and a rear diffuser lower part.

Geiger charges 11,900 euros for the increase in performance, the chassis is available for 4,700 euros and the carbon kit is available for 5,866 euros.


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