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Geiger Cars Cerberus: Challenger Hellcat with monster performance

Geiger Cars Cerberus
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S ind Are you more of a dog or a cat type? If you've been struggling with this issue before, there's good news. US car tuner Geiger Cars has taken on the problem and presented a creation that is both a dog and a cat. Cuddles are out of the question, the beast is not cuddly either, but it definitely wants to go for a walk on a regular basis. Or drive - we're talking about the Cerberus, which is based on the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

Up to 332 km /h

Anyone who sits enthroned here may look like him Feel the Prince of Hell personally. It has over 890 hp.

But what makes the kitten a mutt? A reinforced four-inch cardan shaft is involved here, as is the increase in boost pressure to 1.1 bar and a software revision for the control unit. In total, 890 PS rage under the GRP bonnet, the design of which is reminiscent of that of the Challenger SRT Demon. 1,018 Newton meters of maximum torque are available at 5,610 rpm - that's 150 Newton meters more than in the production model. In this way, the 6.2-liter V8 Hemi beasts in 3.4 seconds to 100 km /h and can reach up to 332 km /h off the leash.

To stay in the 'hellish' world of language , call the forged aluminum wheels 'Devil's Rim'. Originally, these rims should be available exclusively for Demon models, but now Hellcat models can also wear the 20-inch models. There is also a widebody kit for an even more brawny appearance. In the interior, on the other hand, there is a series condition, but no less hellishly. Demonic Red is the name of the color of the leather interior. If you are now wondering whether you have to trade in your soul for this car, we can put you at ease. It's only 129,000 euros.


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