Ford Mustang at Sema 2015

Ford Mustang at Sema 2015
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Z u a Ford Mustang must have a V8 - that Once upon a time. Downsizing has also caught the pony car icon. In the current Mustang, a 2.3-liter four-cylinder with turbocharging is also available. At the Sema, Ford will demonstrate with various examples that sacrificing displacement does not have to mean sacrificing performance.

Tuner Bisimoto has inflated the four-man engine to a fabulous 900 hp. For this purpose, however, the entire engine from the cylinder head to the oil pan was rebuilt. In order to master the power, the braking system was strengthened, a sports vehicle and 19-inch rims with sports tires were installed. A body kit and a special paint job ensure the evil look. The passengers are happy about a cage, sports seats, a sports steering wheel and a data logger.

V8 power and wide body look

Tuner Motoroso relies on the V8 as a base, grafts a Roush compressor kit onto it and generates 727 hp. The wheel arches fill 21-inch rims with 255/30 tires at the front and 305/30 rollers at the rear, sports tires and a reinforced 6-piston brake system. Eibach suspension springs optimize road holding. A body kit and a special paint job ensure the new look. The interior is enhanced by leather upholstery, sports seats and a sound system.

Tuner TS Design shows that size is sometimes decisive with its wide-body kit on the Mustang convertible. Under the fat fender cheeks, 21 inchers with 255/30 tires were fitted at the front and 22 inchers with 305/25 tires at the rear. New suspension components soirgen for a new set-up and lowering. The four-cylinder benefits from a sports air filter, a sports exhaust and a larger charge air cooler.

DTM as inspiration

Again Tuner MAD chose the V8 Mustang as the basis. According to the well-known compressor recipe, 725 hp are also released here. An Eibach chassis with adjustable stabilizers at the front optimizes road holding. Wilwood contributes fat brakes. The 21-inch rims are fitted with 255/30 and 305/30 tires. New spoilers, splinters and side skirts characterize the look, and a special paint finish should not be missing. Sports seats, blue leather and carbon applications put the convertible interior in the limelight.

Tuner Ice Nine had the DTM in mind when they created the four-cylinder Mustang for thePimped up circuit racing. The turbo quad was inflated to 475 hp with a new charger, a larger intercooler and adapted environment, and the chassis was converted to air suspension. 20-inch rims under riveted wheel arch extensions accommodate 305/30 tires at the front and 315/35 tires at the rear. The cleared interior houses sports seats and a roll cage.

Mustang in police look

A Mustang in police Look supplies tuner DRAGG based on the four-cylinder. The power plus for the hunt for bad boys is provided by a new intercooler and a sports exhaust. The chassis relies on air suspension, the stoppers on Wilwood components. The wheel arches are filled with 20 inch tires with 255/35 tires at the front and 295/35 tires at the rear.

CGS has chosen a Mustang convertible with a turbo four-cylinder. 21 and 22 inch rims in the widened wheel arches with 255/30 and 335/25 tires and an exquisite leather interior provide the highlights. The turbo engine wins a new intercooler and a sports exhaust. In the chassis area, CGS relies on a six-piston brake system and a KW chassis.

The Bojix Mustang is another four-cylinder. 20-inch rims with 305/30 tires at the front and 315/35 rollers at the rear crowd under the standard bodywork. The turbo engine receives a turbo and charge air cooler upgrade. A sports suspension, a reinforced brake system and a shortened final ratio round off the chassis. A sports exhaust takes care of the sound on the outside, inside Bojix relies on a fat audio system.


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