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Ferrari Special Series 10th Anniversary Cavalcade Collection

Ferrari is launching a new, highly exclusive special series of different sports cars. It includes five models, each with a very special color scheme.

A luxury manufacturer like Ferrari always has to offer its customers something special. And if possible not only on the product side, but also on the event level. Events where the solvent clientele can be among their own kind and indulge their passion largely undisturbed and undisturbed. One such series of events is the Ferrari Cavalcade, which translates to "convoy" or "corso."

Which would also describe what kind of event it is: A trip among like-minded people, which of course only Ferraris are allowed to take part in. Last year, a total of 129 sports cars with the "Cavallino rampante" came to Sicily for five days. The 93 modern and 36 classic Ferraris explored the east side of Italy's largest island from base camp in the historic city of Taormina in early September. It was an anniversary edition of the Ferrari Cavalcade: it was taking place for the tenth time.

Available for five series

Now Ferrari is belatedly launching a special series to celebrate the anniversary. The "10th Anniversary Cavalcade Collection" is based on five different sports car series from Maranello, of which the first four representatives have now been presented. These are equipment packages in special colors that will be available for the models 812 Competizione (Coupé and Aperta), SF90 Stradale and Spider as well as the 296 GTB.

It can be assumed that the representatives of the 10th Anniversary Cavalcade Collection are significantly more expensive than the respective basic models. Each color represents an Italian region that has previously hosted a Cavalcade event. The debut work presented at the 812 Competizione has the color "Blu Capri", according to the manufacturer a "beautiful, intensely iridescent shade of blue that has various nuances inspired by the sea". In fact, the paintwork changes from blue to green and also has decorative stripes in turquoise. There are also dark carbon elements and open-hearted rims, which hardly cover the yellow brake calipers - and this may make them stand out too much.

Hot like Mount Etna, earthy like Tuscany

The second color concept of the 10th Anniversary Cavalcade Collection embodies a rather opposite symbolism. It is a shade of red labeled "Rosso Taormina" and will be shown on a Ferrari SF90 Stradale. It is named after the Sicilian town of the same name, near which is the still active volcano Etna. The hybrid sports car also picks up the color scheme in the interior.

The third Cavalcade special model, presented as an example on an open Ferrari 812 Competizione (nicknamed Aperta), is off to Tuscany. More precisely: In the small town of Volterra, located southwest of Florence. The Verde Volterra livery is named after her, but it is much more than a green. Depending on how the sun's rays hit the paintwork, the always earthy coloring changes between green, yellow, brown or gold.

White as the top of Mont Blanc

The fourth Cavalcade livery is called Bianco Courmayeur and goes back to the 2018 edition of the Ferrari exit. It took participants around Mont Blanc on the French-Italian border, as well as slightly lower sister mountain Monte Bianco di Courmayeur on the Italian side (although the exact border is disputed, but that's another story). Unsurprisingly, this hue "embodies the icy purity of snow," combining white with bright blue body panels.

Ferrari is presenting the last special paint finish of the Cavalcade series using a 296 GTB. The shade Argento Siracusa not only embodies the silver contained in the name, but also has shades of gold and green. It refers to the 2014 destination of Siracusa, a city on the west coast of Sicily. According to Ferrari, the play of colors is reminiscent of "the way sunlight falls on the baroque marble architecture of Italian cities." As with all Cavalcade Ferraris, the starting number 39 is emblazoned on the doors, which should symbolize the Italian telephone country code. While the US flag can be seen on the driver's side, the Italian tricolor catches the eye on the right.

No technical changes

Nothing is known about technical changes to the cars. The versions based on the 812 Competizione continue to compete with a 6.5-liter V12 naturally aspirated engine with 830 hp and a maximum of 695 Nm. As Stradale and Spider, the SF90 has a hybrid drive consisting of a V8 biturbo and three electric motors, which provides a system output of 1,000 hp and a limited total torque of 770 Newton meters. The 296 GTB, the latest sports car model from the Ferrari stable, comes with a plug-in hybrid drive in which a V6 biturbo takes over the combustion part. Its values: 830 hp and a maximum of 740 Newton meters.


There is always something more exclusive: Ferrari is launching five special packages based on its already exclusive sports cars, whose representatives are real rarities due to their individual color scheme. The collectors are happy. And who knows: maybe one or the other copy of the 10th Anniversary Cavalcade Collection will be at the start of the customer drive through Italy at some point.


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