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Ferrari SP3JC: convertible single item based on F12 TdF

Ferrari SP3JC
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W hen a real Ferrari fan is ready to invest enough money, then they build him his dream car in Maranello. The sports car manufacturer has set up a special department for this purpose.

In two years' work, it has now had the Ferrari SP3JC built. A Ferrari F12 TdF served as the basis. In order to meet the customer's specifications, the coupé lost its fixed roof and probably dispensed with the same completely. For this purpose, carbon roll bars and air domes pile up behind the passengers, which run gently towards the rear. It also has a classic aluminum fuel filler cap.

Front, rear, sides - everything new

The flanks have been modeled with completely new curves and ventilation openings. The front has a new apron with modified cooling air openings. The rear has also been redesigned and now has four round taillights and large transverse slots. The diffuser and the four-pipe exhaust system seem to come from the TdF. The transparent inserts in the bonnet are also new. Overall, the body and the track of the F12 TdF became wider during the conversion.

The unique item has been heavily revised.

For the color dress, the customer relies on a white base coat, a blue front and various black and yellow Accents. The sport seats have blue leather and white accent strips.

The drive of the SP3JC corresponds to that of the F12 TdF base. The 6.3 liter naturally aspirated V12 engine develops 780 hp at 8,500 tours and provides a maximum torque of 705 Nm.

If you are the new owner of the Ferrari SP3JC and what you have paid for your one-off, you can not Ferrari in the dark.


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