Ferrari Roma Tailor Made: Italian Japanese inspired

Not everyone wants an off-the-shelf Ferrari. The unique document documents how far Ferrari can respond to customer requests. In this case, the Roma is inspired by Japanese elements.

If you don't just want a Ferrari, but your own Ferrari, you can contact the Tailor Made department of the Italian sports car manufacturer. Here the Ferrari is then individualized according to the customer's wishes, but only to the extent that the aesthetic standards of the Ferrari brand are adhered to. The personal designer, who accompanies the customer in the design of his individual piece, pays attention to this.

The Roma presented now has been developed in collaboration with Evan Orensten and Josh Rubin, the founders of the US publication Cool Hunting, which focuses on design, culture and technology, since 2019. Because the Ferrari partners were working on traditional Japanese craftsmanship at the time of the project, the Roma is inspired by traditional Japanese elements and materials.

Indigo blue meets copper

The exterior of the Roma is accordingly a strong blue called "Indigo Metal", which is reminiscent of traditional Japanese indigo colors. The indigo hue is also found in the sakiori fabric used for the seat covers and carpets. The material is based on refurbished kimonos that have been rewoven with a nylon fiber.

The indigo theme continues in the Roma's headliner. It is made from two pieces of indigo-dyed leather, which are then cut into strips and rewoven into a work of art. Hand-woven black leather strips are also found on the interior door handles. They are meant to resemble the handles of katana swords. Inspired by traditional Japanese copper tea caddy, details on the shifter and shifter grille are encased in the metal. The copper color can also be found on other details in the cockpit and on the alloy wheels.

Technically a true Italian

The Japan touch is rounded off with a unique dedication plaque on the center armrest and the door sills. The Kamon symbol represents a ox-drawn carriage wheel, with the eight pistons of Roma's V8 engine forming the spokes. The number theme continues in the eight wave crests that encircle the wheel - symbols of luck, strength and resilience.

Technically, the Roma remains entirely Italian with its 620 hp V8 turbo engine.,


With the Roma Tailor Made, Ferrari demonstrates the possibility for customers to customize their sports car. However, Ferrari always makes sure that the aesthetic standards of the brand are adhered to. If you don't want to stick to it, you have to go to the free tuner.


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