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Ferrari Portofino from Novitec: Stage 3 tuning for the V8 biturbo

Ferrari Portofino from Novitec
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W hat is that just with this human striving for “more”? You might think that anyone who puts a 190,000 euro Ferrari in the garage has reached the upper end of the financial food chain. No, not quite yet. Tuner Novitec put a hand on the Portofino, and shoveled everything that was still hidden under the hood. They found 84 hp and 91 Newton meters of torque, which Ferrari itself had apparently forgotten in the shallows of the V8 biturbo.

The largest tuning stage provides 84 additional HP and 91 extra Newton meters of torque.

Well, Novitec has already called in a little help with the search. The self-developed N-Tronic module, for example, with which the injection and ignition times are shifted in the direction of “performance”, as is the boost pressure. In addition, there is a new exhaust system made of Inconel, which not only provides more power, but also saves eleven kilos in weight. A 100-cell sports catalyst is located further up in the circuit. Equipped in this way, according to the tuner, the Novitec Portofino sprints to 100 km /h in 3.2 seconds, which is 0.3 seconds on the production version of the front-engine sports car.

Carbon from the wind tunnel

Anyone who marches like this naturally does not want to stretch. As a person, you buy limited-edition sneakers, have a tattoo on your face or wear a shade too much gold jewelry in the visible area. As a car, you tend to decorate yourself with carbon add-on parts - so in this case too. The front spoiler, air inlets and outlets, rear apron attachment and spoiler lip are made of the popular material. According to Novitec, however, the parts not only act as ornaments, but have also been optimized for increased aerodynamic efficiency in the wind tunnel.

The Novitec Portofino 22 is attached to the rear axle -Inch wheels, 21 inches at the front. The rims come from Vossen.

Back to the limited-edition sneakers for a moment: Vossen supplies the shoes for the tuned Ferrari. Two different designs and lots of colors are on offer. 21-inch wheels in the dimensions 9Jx21 and 12Jx22 are buckled for the front axle and 22-inch wheels for the rear axle. Pirelli will provide the tires. The final proof that less can also be more is provided by the sport springs. They ensure less ground clearance or more lowering, depending on your point of view. It goes down 35 millimeters. Anyone who now fears that the spoiler lip could drag on a cigarette butt in the parking lot should be reassured. Thanks to the noselift system, the muzzle stretches 40 millimeters into the air if required.


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