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Ferrari one-off P80 / C: dinosaur look with mega output

Unique Ferrari P80 /C
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B Work on the Ferrari P80 /C began in 2015 - never before has the Ferrari team worked on a one-off model for so long. Reason for the long development time: The team had to put a lot of work into the analysis of the aerodynamics and drive elements.

Ferrari P80 /C based on 488 GT3

As the basis for the P80 /C Ferrari took a 488 GT3, which has a wheelbase that is 50 millimeters longer than the 488 GTB. This gave the design team greater freedom of design in order to emphasize the passenger cell and give the model a powerful appearance.

Extremely driver-oriented cockpit. The pilot takes a seat on bucket seats and crouches under a roll cage.

And the P80 /C embodies this powerful appearance with every fiber of its carbon clothing. Wherever technology should be visible, technology is visible. At the front, sharply pointed with low-lying small headlights, the huge front splitter first draws attention. The fenders bulge upwards. The front hood, however, leans sharply towards the ground. Like an F1 racing car, when viewed from above, the front area turns out to be an integrated front spoiler with a central strut.

Air outlets dissipate the heat from the brakes above the wheel arches. The passenger cell looks like a cockpit pulpit, as the black A-pillars give the impression of a circumferential pane. The roof is contoured, an additional spoiler directs the wind in the right direction and also flows into the huge rear spoiler. The aluminum slats that form the concave engine compartment cover are also reminiscent of the 330 P3 /P4. The engine is supplied with fresh air via huge air inlets directly behind the doors.

The rear view of the is even more materialP80 /C. Another air strut is located under the spoiler roof, which connects the low and low-lying lights. Otherwise, the rear consists only of tailpipes and a diffuser. There are no other bodywork elements. This enables a view of the entire chassis. Ferrari does not provide any information on the technology. The base has a 550 hp 3.9-liter V8 biturbo. The engine is coupled to a six-speed sequential gearbox. The GT3 costs around 600,000 euros.


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