Exit in the Aston Martin DB10

Dino Eisele
Exit in the Aston Martin DB10
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M such projects tear the hurdle of implementation right at the start , just by the bow wave of ambition, so to speak. Writing a story about the Aston Martin DB10 without mentioning James Bond - no chance. It would work with any other model of the brand, because a sports car has to be measured by its performance and not by whether a secret agent actor is cranking the steering wheel. But with the DB10? Hopeless.

Ten copies of the Aston Martin DB10

It only exists because of its role in the latest chapter 'Specter' in the series of novels about Mr. Bond that has become a film. The British are building a total of ten copies based on the flexible aluminum architecture of the house. In principle, it is a Vantage V8, which confirms the 4.7-liter unit with its typical, evil, dominant throat clearing. Yes, the Aston Martin DB10 is actually running, you can ask a bit, because to start it neither a push of a button nor a finger scan is enough, as in the film. A small box dangling from a couple of cables serves as, well, remote detonator, requires a choreography of pressing and clicking buttons and toggle switches, then the Aston Martin DB10 rumbles.

And really drive It should be able to do so, says the manufacturer, but the tight schedule of the two show cars (the film production company is still chuckling on the eight other copies) and their non-existent road approval prevent both a few easy laps on the racetrack and a short ride into the country road hinterland. Actually a shame, reason enough to tip yourself a considerable number of vodka martinis, shaken or stirred, it doesn't matter.

Why? Well, the Aston Martin DB10 is just as compact as the V8 with a length of 4.41 meters, but the wheelbase is much more generous, as is the track width. In addition, the body made of carbon should keep the weight low, the manual six-speed gearbox high. That makes Mr. Bond very sympathetic in general, this analogue-moving-through-the-world: to center one on his opponent, in the worst case to miss a bullet instead of sticking radioactive material into his mobile phone from behind, so that he slowly dies go

The usual angry sound of the eight-cylinder engine

So 007 can also use its latestThe company car, despite the usual gimmicks that always correspond to the requirements of the film, pull the decidedly masculine, compact gear lever through the somewhat stubborn H-backdrop and watch as classic needles dance to match in not so classic round instruments. It is really not very difficult to imagine the Aston Martin DB10 as a real sports car, after all, it also comfortably accommodates drivers who do not want to train themselves in the wiry stature of the secret agent.

In any case, the seats are big enough, their cover should be able to both cool and warm thanks to a technology that has been copied from functional sports clothing. Is it true? No idea, because although you can get warm while driving an almost priceless prototype - the outside temperatures are in the deepest of all basements, which compensates for any hot flashes. So it remains with friendly strolling around, with the occasional, half-strong gas tapsers in idle, in order to be able to enjoy the usual organic, angry sound of the eight-cylinder engine. Maybe that alone will put a few petty criminals on the run? Who knows, there should definitely be a few of them not far from the photo location.

James, on the other hand, of course only plays with the big boys, chases them, lets them chase him, always fast, always spectacular and almost always with a fatal end for his company car. After all, in 'Specter' he doesn’t have to be bare of being chased by a pack of Alfa 159s, because he has the Jaguar C-X75 stuck to his thick exhaust. And you don't have to stir an extra spoonful of imagination into your muesli in the morning to be able to imagine beating the Aston Martin DB10 through Rome yourself, even when the width of the street is threateningly narrowing.

DB10 could, if you let it

Even if the Aston looks a bit bulky just because of the operator, it leaves no doubt that it could, if you let it. Measured against its small-series status, the body quality and rigidity are more convincing than in many a series-produced British vehicle, and the Aston Martin DB10 with its 20-inch wheels turns fluffy and demands more, which it cannot do.

Now he got a lot of exercise, where a glass container is usually his home, in which the sports car is currently touring Europe to keep customers of the brand happy. You have to wait a while for the first, completely new model from Aston Martin, in which the technology partnership with Mercedes-AMG and the large-scale production expertise of the new company boss Andy Palmer materialize. So why not buy a DB10 quickly? No. This is also one of the projects that fail in the beginning. Almost at least. Because two Aston Martin DB10 are to be auctioned for charity. At some point.


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