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Exclusive ride in the HKS-Nissan GT-R: Inflated Japan shock with 600 hp

Rossen Gargolov
Exclusive ride in the HKS-Nissan GT-R
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E is one of the most popular vehicles of the auto refiners is to this day the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R 32- R 34). Sophisticated tuning variants with over 1,000 hp are not uncommon. One of the best-known GT-R tuners is the HKS company, which started selling turbo kits in Japan in 1973 and today sells various tuning items in Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA.

HKS-Nissan GT-R: 700 Newton meters of torque

Also for the Skyline GT-R successor, the current Nissan GT-R (R 35), HKS has developed an extensive tuning program. At the first, exclusive sport auto drive, the GT-R competes with the performance-enhancing GT 600 kit from HKS. Thanks to a new control unit (Mine‘s VX-Rom) and thus increased boost pressure from 0.85 to 1.2 bar, the output of the V6 biturbo unit increases from 485 to 600 hp at 5900 rpm. The maximum torque climbs to 700 Newton meters at 4,200 rpm thanks to the extra power.

In addition, the engine peripherals have also been adapted to the increase in performance. Aluminum tubes replace the rubber hoses of the two intercoolers. Reinforced boost pressure sockets are also used. A completely modified exhaust system (Powerhouse Amuse) reduces the exhaust back pressure on the one hand and saves around 20 kilograms of weight compared to the standard exhaust system on the other. In the interior of the right-hand drive Japan version, a racing bucket seat on the driver's side lowers the vehicle weight by another 15 kilograms (weight of the standard seat: 27 kilograms).

In 3.6 seconds from zero to 100 km /h

The first measured values ​​determined by sport auto during the driving appointment already show the effect of the tuning conversion impressively. The HKS-GT-R sprints to 100 km /h in 3.6 seconds (series 4.1 s). The 200 km /h mark is cracked after just 10.6 seconds (series 13.1 s). The tuned GT-R also shines with its draft when it comes to measuring elasticity. It accelerates from 80 to 180 km /h in sixth gear in 11.6 seconds (series 17.0 s). GT-R fans from Germany, who have now gotten a taste for it, should head to the Brömmler dealership in Münster. The GT-R dealer and tuning specialist offers various HKS conversions.


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