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Erlkönige November 2010: This is where the future of cars drives

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Erlkönige November 2010
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E one of the automotive highlights in November 2011 is by far the new Porsche 911 of the 991 series. In autumn 2011 the new Porsche will be presented at the IAA, the convertible version of the 911 will be launched in March 2012. Both models with a heavily modified rear and longer wheelbase can be seen at auto-motor-und-sport.de as sparsely camouflaged prototypes.

BMW 3 Series as Erlkönig: First insights into the cockpit

The new BMW 3 Series also fulfills several of the above categories. For the first time, the Erlkönig photographer from auto-motor-und-sport.de has also succeeded in photographing the interior of the bestseller. There are new elements in the cockpit and on the dashboard. Compared to the current 3 Series, the cockpit is a bit more pleasing.

The successor to the Lamborghini Murciélago aka Jota seems to be less pleasing - at least when it comes to the name. Because the new super sports car should be named Aventador LP 700-4. A newly developed V12 engine with an output of 700 hp can then be heard while driving.

Mercedes C-Class with 500 hp? C63 AMG Black Series makes it possible

Performance, the C-Class from AMG with the addition of the Black Series is also equipped with this gene. 500 hp should flow from a 6.3 liter naturally aspirated engine towards the rear wheels. It is still unclear when the high-end version will be launched. The facelift of the Mercedes C-Class is scheduled for the beginning of 2011.

Two dates have also been set for the McLaren MP4-12 GT2. The customer sport edition of the 600 hp racer with a mighty spoiler will take part in the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring and its counterpart in LeMans.

And speaking of the start: the beginning of a new love for the VW New Beetle started US TV star Oprah Winfrey for 275 viewers of her show. Although the new New Beetle was only shown as a silhouette, everyone in the audience will have a new Beetle on their doorstep in March 2011. All other Erlkönige in November 2011 can be found in our photo show: Included: Chrysler 300C, Rolls-Royce EWB, Jaguar XF and Chevrolet Camaro Z28.


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