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Erlkönig Audi S7 Sportback (2019): pictures, data, market launch

Stefan Baldauf
Erlkönig Audi S7 Sportback (2019)
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D he Audi S7 is sure to be celebrating its public premiere At the end of 2018, presumably at the Paris Auto Salon in autumn together with the S6.

Audi A7 Sportback with biturbo V6

Both models are equipped with the 2.9-liter V6 Biturbo charging at the start. The eight-speed automatic transmits its output of more than 450 hp to all four driven wheels - all four of which can also be steered. There will be no V8 unit like its predecessor. In the RS7, however, this will come from four liters of displacement and twice charged to around 650 hp.

Visually, the Audi S7 Sportback will differ from the civilian A7 and the aggressive RS7. The front apron, sills and rear apron have been modified, and two double-flow exhaust pipes protrude from the new rear. In the wheel arches, Audi has placed 20 inchers with wide tires of dimensions 255/40 and optimized the braking system behind them for more power. In addition, the Audi employees have made the chassis tighter and lower.

Aluminum applications and S7 logos

There are numerous S7 logos, sports steering wheel and sports seats as well as aluminum elements for the passengers installed. All assistance and infotainment systems from the A7 can also be found in the S7, including a head-up display and the freely programmable instrument cluster with a 10.3-inch screen.


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