Edo Competition Maserati MC20: upgrade to 705 hp

Edo Competition gives the Italian mid-engine sports car more power, more sound and puts it on new wheels.

The tuner Edo Competition from Ahlen already certifies a successful and harmonious tuning optically and aerodynamically, so the tuner on the Maserati MC20 only improves in the areas of drive, sound and road contact. ,

Up - exhaust, tyres, performance

In cooperation with Capristo Automotive, Edo Competition has developed a new rear silencer made of stainless steel with new tailpipe trims made of milled aluminum and individual branding for the Italian. They are stuck on tailpipes with a diameter of 125 millimeters and a gold-colored anodized coating. The interaction should result in an unparalleled acoustic and visual highlight at the rear of the Maserati.

The golden hue is picked up again by the forged alloy wheels. The ultra-light wheels in 11-spoke design are installed with dimensions of 9.5x21 inches on the front axle and 12x22 inches on the rear axle. 255/30 tires at the front and 335/25 tires at the rear ensure road contact. ,

Edo Competition increases the performance of the three-liter biturbo V6 with the help of a new engine control. This turns the standard 630 into a whopping 705 hp. The maximum torque climbs from 730 to a full 800 Nm. Incidentally, the top speed of the MC20 increases by five to 325 km/h. ,


Tuner Edo Competition leaves the Maserati MC20 optically natural. Only the exhaust system, the tires and the engine, which spits out a whopping 705 hp, are topped up.


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