Drug dealer fleet: 27 confiscated cars at auction

27 confiscated cars were auctioned in the USA. They belonged to the fleet of a drug dealer who obviously has taste - when it comes to cars. The criminal collector seemed to have a special weakness for two models. One model, on the other hand, was very popular with the bidders.

In 2020, Massachusetts police arrested Cory Taylor after he was caught with more than 60 kilos of marijuana in his van during a traffic stop. A subsequent search of his premises, in addition to several million dollars in cash, weapons and other illegal intoxicants, also revealed an impressive fleet of vehicles, which were sold at the beginning of June 2022 via the auction house Stanley J. Paine.,

For each of the 27 vehicles, a starting bid of 5,000 dollars demanded (currently the equivalent of around 4,750 euros), there was no minimum amount beyond that. Unlike his choices for a living, Taylor has exquisite taste when it comes to automobiles. The prisoner seems particularly taken with the Toyota Supra Mk IV. There are 13 copies in the auction list, of which eight are manual, five are automatic and ten have less than 50,000 miles (approx. 80,000 km) on the odometer.

Record sum for Supra

,The Japanese athletes also seem to be popular with the bidders, because the Supras brought in a total of around 1.8 million dollars, i.e. an average of 139,000 dollars per vehicle. However, the proceeds are not distributed quite so evenly. Two examples in particular stand out. While a 1993 Supra fetched a whopping $237,500 with just 13,000 kilometers on the clock, a 1998 model broke the record. The buyer paid $265,000 for the Mk4 in the rare Quicksilver colourway. Never has a Supra achieved more without a celebrity previous ownership or a career as a movie car.,

The BMW M3 is the second most represented in the drug dealer collection. Apart from the 200-piece limited special model "Lime Rock Park Edition" (E92) from 2013, the other five M3s come from the E46 series. All manual switches, but quite different in color. From gold to red to subtle blue, everything is included. The mileages are between 40,000 and 90,000 miles (65,000 to 145,000 kilometers). So it is obviously not the case that the vehicles of this illustrious fleet were only parked in a hall for decorative purposes. The rest of the fleet consists of two Honda S2000, two Mitsubishi Lancer Evo (one VIII and one IX), two Nissan 350Z, a BMW M4 (F82) and a heavily tuned Acura Integra with nitrous oxide injection. What all vehicles have in common is their good to very good condition.


So crime pays after all, don't you think? Well, looking at this fleet of vehicles, you might think so. However, the previous owner is now behind bars and is allowed to mourn the auction of his automotive treasures from afar. Against this background, the crimes are now paying off for 27 uninvolved bidders and buyers, who may be able to make a bargain purchase here.


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