Driving report Mercedes SL 400 (2016)

Walter Tillmann
Mercedes SL 400 in the driving report
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A The time is gradually ripe for a new literary genre : the Mercedes price list. On page 43 of the SL, there is special equipment code 246, 'Analogue clock', for 261.80 euros. Such weird little things have always existed and probably always will be. For the additional price of 1,338.75 euros compared to the predecessor, the SL-400 buyer receives a now 367 instead of 333 hp V6 biturbo engine and a nine instead of seven-speed automatic transmission.

Mercedes SL 400 with revised V6 biturbo

Not enough power for a dream classic? Not at all. After all, the three-liter unit delivers a maximum torque of 500 Nm (previously: 480 Nm), which is only available at 2,000 rpm, but which the more than 1.7 tons of the two-seater meets with appropriate disrespect. You should even hear it, because at the start the V6 erupts barking briefly, then crumbles into a barely noticeable idle state, to roar metallic and throaty when accelerating - maybe even a little too aggressively.

Walter Tillmann
The folding steel roof can now be operated fully electrically up to 40 km /h .

Don't get it wrong: The Mercedes can be upgraded with a roll-compensating chassis, 19-inch wheels and, in sport mode, absolutely binding steering Bend through bends in a rather daring manner, until then just grease the front wheels. The gearbox reacts quickly to shift commands from the paddle, the alert, determined whistling engine delivers brave performance. Yes, even the multi-adjustable, large seats now offer enough lateral support - but although all of this is a pleasure, it simply does not correspond to the engineering-like oneSeriousness of the SL.

Always stay relaxed

He would much rather demonstrate that the tilting technology of the comfortable optional ABC chassis (lifts the body by up to 2.65 degrees into the Curve into) the occupants protected from too much disgraceful g-force. That the driver no longer has to be put under pressure at the traffic lights because the hardtop disappears into the trunk at up to 40 km /h - and the luggage cover closes automatically. And that the new transmission slips imperceptibly quickly into gear number nine in order to keep the engine speed low. Everything is so relaxed here. So don't order the watch at the same time.


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