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DP Motorsport Porsche 911 RS 3.5 Red Evolution: 911 tuning

DP Motorsport
DP Motorsport Porsche 911 RS 3.5 Red Evolution
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T he rejuvenation for the '74 911 fell comprehensive. The wheel arches, side skirts as well as the front and rear bumpers have been over-modeled and optimized on the body of the G-model. The panes of the lightweight doors are made of hardened Plexiglas. The gutters were removed. All modified body parts were made of carbon or fiberglass. The finish is a complete paint job in Porsche Guards Red.

DP Motorsport tackled the chassis of the 911 with Unibal bearings, new PU axle guide bushes, a welded strut bar at the front and a coilover kit from H&R. The braking system was adapted from 3.3 Turbo. The rims have a contemporary 15-inch format, but extremely fat semislicks in the dimensions 225/55 at the front and 335/35 at the rear.

365 hp from an air-cooled 3.5-liter vacuum cleaner

The air-cooled boxer in the rear has been increased to 3.5 liters, equipped with a mechanical injection system with individual throttle valves, double ignition system and 911 RSR camshafts. So configured it should bring 365 hp. In the case of the 915 gearbox with limited-slip differential, steel synchronizer rings and oil cooling, the gear lever was raised and the shift travel shortened. From the 935-style lollipop seats, the driver looks at a 350 mm steering wheel from Momo and a carbon dashboard with carbon knee rails. Only a light velor carpet in the style of the 964 RS was laid over the painted sheet metal in the interior. A welded-in safety cell and 4-point harness straps ensure safety.

Other features include a glued 993 windshield, a lightweight motorsport battery, a specially made racing harness and a carbon clubsport tank with a volume of 80 liters. The 911 RS 3.5 Red Evolution does not reach the thousand threshold for modifications after all, but remains significantly below the curb weight. It should only bring 940 kg to the start without fuel.


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