DMC Ferrari 296 GTB Squalo: 888 hp for the hybrid

Tuner DMC breathes 888 hp into the hybrid V6 in the Ferrari 296 GTB via software update. Carbon attachments upgrade the body.

With the 296 GTB, Ferrari launched a grandson of the Dino in mid-2021 . With the combination of a V6 and electric support, it broke new ground for Ferrari – the brand had never officially had a six-cylinder in its range under the Ferrari label before. With only six instead of eight, the 296 may lack the befitting cylinders, but with 830 hp it is motorized quite befittingly.,

80 hp more for the combustion engine

The fact that the potential of the 296 GTB has not yet been exhausted is now shown by the Rattinger tuner DMC with its Squalo baptized version of the Italian. The performance of the V6 hybrid drive has been improved, although DMC has limited its tuning exclusively to the combustion engine. The output of the three-liter biturbo has been increased by 80 hp thanks to the new engine control software, which influences ignition, injection and boost pressure. In conjunction with the 122 kW electric motor, the system output climbs from 830 to 888 hp. The 296 GTB Squalo should sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and reach a top speed of over 330 km/h. The 200 km/h mark should already be cracked after 7.1 seconds. This concludes the drive chapter.

In the chassis area, DMC leaves it with new light-alloy forged wheels in a five-spoke design, which are obtained from the Canadian supplier Pur Wheels and which fill the wheel arches in the dimensions 21 and 22 inches. Tires in the formats 255/30 at the front and 315/25 at the rear are mounted on it. On request, the spring-damper combination can also be retuned with new components. Shorter chassis springs lower the body by 35 millimeters.,

New carbon parts for the rear

In order to live up to the nickname Squalo (Italian for shark), an aerodynamics package was developed for the 296 GTB in which all attachments are made of carbon fiber laminate and can be supplied with either a matt or a glossy finish. The GTB has a new wing at the rear, which, like the new diffuser insert for the rear apron, is intended to provide more downforce. The standard side skirts adopt new wing elements in front of the rear wheels.

DMC does not name prices for the conversion, but explains that customers will also be able to pay their bills in cryptocurrency in 2022.


Tuner DMC breathes 80 hp more into the combustion engine in the Ferrari 296 GTB and thus increases the system performance to 888 hp. Carbon add-on parts in the rear area are intended to ensure optimized aerodynamics. If desired, the upgrade can also be paid for in cryptocurrency.


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