Dallara Stradale IR8 Tribute: Indy win celebrated

In 1998 Dallara won the Indianapolis 500 with Eddie Cheever. 25 years later this victory is celebrated again with a special model limited to 25 copies.

Dallara offers its sports car in the Stradale version for road use and as an EXP for exclusive use on the circuit. The special model IR8 comes in the Stradale variant, the total edition is limited to a maximum of 25 copies.

Special paint and technology upgrade

The Milan design studio "Borromeode Silva" is responsible for the Indianapolis look, which is based on the Eddie Cheever victory in 1998. The black and blue paintwork picks up on the color combination of the Cheever racing car. A white drawn 25 in Roman numerals indicates the anniversary. Added 23 stars representing the number of Dallara victories in Indianapolis. Light-alloy rims painted black rotate in the wheel arches. The cockpit landscape is characterized by seats covered with dark gray Alcantara, which pick up the 23-star theme again on the back. On the steering wheel, a badge with the Indianapolis racing car silhouette and yellow shift paddles set accents, which in the Stradale control the automated manual transmission carried over from the EXP.

The Stradale inherits even more features from the EXP for the IR8 special model. These include the larger brake system with yellow brake calipers and the more powerful intercooler.

The Dallara, which is based on a carbon monocoque, was presented back in 2017. The body is also made of carbon fiber laminate. The Dallara is available in variants with or without a roof. A 2.3-liter turbo engine serves as the power source. The four-cylinder comes from the Ford shelf. In the Dallara Stradale it delivers 400 hp and ensures sprint times of three seconds. The top speed of the racer, which weighs only 820 kilograms, is 265 km/h.

Dallara is not yet naming prices, but is offering buyers entry into the 2023 Indianapolis 500 race weekend for two. Incidentally, a normal Stradale starts at 192,000 euros.


Dallara is celebrating its racing successes in Indianapolis with a special model. The Stradale IR8 is designed to commemorate Eddie Cheever's 1998 Indy 500 victory. In addition to a special paint finish, there are also a few technical upgrades.


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