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Costs and real consumption: Ford Mustang Coupé V8 Mach 1

Ford Mustang Coupé V8 Mach 1 for 67,000 euros. We show what the car costs in everyday use and how much fuel it consumes.

Naturally aspirated engine plus manual switch times rear-wheel drive results in driving fun: We show what the Ford Mustang Coupé V8 Mach 1 costs and how much fuel the car uses in everyday life.

Our test consumption

The Ford Mustang Coupé V8 Mach 1 comes with a 460 hp 5-liter eight-cylinder, which consumes 12.4 liters per 100 kilometers according to the WLTP standard. In our test, the car consumed 12.2 liters, which means fuel costs of 26.60 euros for this route. The Eco consumption value is significantly lower at 9.6 liters - the costs here are 20.92 euros. Sports drivers chase an average of 14.5 liters through the combustion chambers - makes 31.61 euros. The fuel costs are calculated using the daily updated fuel price on our partner portal mehr-tanken.de (as of May 19, 2022, 2.18 euros per liter Super Plus).

Monthly maintenance costs

The annual vehicle tax for the Ford Mustang Coupé V8 Mach 1 is 718 euros. According to Allianz Direct* , liability insurance costs 422 euros in the same period. Partial casco insurance costs 193 euros per year, and fully comprehensive insurance covers 1,333 euros. If you drive 15,000 kilometers a year, you have to budget for monthly costs of 579 euros. At 30,000 kilometers, the amount increases to 1,062 euros. Added to this is the loss of value.

How to test

The auto motor und sport test consumption consists of three differently weighted consumption runs. So-called “commuter consumption” accounts for 70 percent. This is a journey from home to work, which averages 21 kilometers. A particularly economical, approx. 275-kilometre-long eco-lap is included in the rating with 15 percent. The remaining 15 percent is accounted for by the sports driver lap. The length is roughly the same as the eco lap, but the route includes a larger proportion of motorway and thus higher speeds on average. The calculation basis for the fuel costs is always the price indication of the portal "more refueling" from the day the article was created.

The monthly maintenance costs include maintenance, wear part costs and vehicle taxes assuming an annual mileage of 15,000 and 30,000 kilometers without loss of value. The calculation is based on the test consumption, a three-year holding period, no-claims class SF12 for liability and fully comprehensive insurance with Allianz Direct, including discounts for garage parkers and the restriction to certain drivers (accident-free/15,000 km per year, resident in the postcode area 70174, not under 21, partner drivers older than 25 years).


The Ford Mustang Coupé V8 Mach 1 with 460 hp 5-liter eight-cylinder costs at least 67,000 euros and consumes an average of 12.2 liters, which means fuel costs of 26.60 euros per 100 kilometers. With an annual mileage of 15,000 kilometers, the monthly maintenance costs are 579 euros. If the mileage increases to 30,000 kilometers, the sum increases to 1,062 euros.

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