Cizeta comeback: athletes with V16 engines

A Frankfurt entrepreneur is working on the comeback of the super sports car legend. The announced leek date of mid-2020 has long passed. But now things seem to be moving again.

The EMA Group, based in Frankfurt am Main, is mainly active in management and trade services as well as the import of Italian luxury goods. The managing director is the Italian Antonio Mandelli.,

And he seems to be a friend of the sports car brand Cizeta: On the company's website, in addition to the other fields of activity mentioned, there is also a menu item entitled "Mandelli Cars 16 Cylinders". Behind it is a page that shows numerous images from the history of the super sports car Cizeta and with the note "The Dream is back" and the hashtag #HALF2020 should whet your appetite for more. So far, fans have been waiting in vain for more.,

Waiting for the Gandini design blessing

But that could change soon. As the Australian car magazine "carsales" reports, Mandelli has taken over the remains of Cizeta Automobili SRL and has already collected 40 million euros in investor funds. There is even a roadworthy prototype of the next Cizeta. It should come back with a 16-cylinder engine in a V arrangement. The V16 is not a new development, but an update of the old sixteen-cylinder with quad turbocharging. When it comes to the chassis, Mandelli switched from a tubular space frame to a carbon fiber monocoque.,

With the design already finished, Mandelli wants to wait for the blessing of Marcello Gandini, who drew the original Cizeta V16T. The comeback of the new Cizeta will only be officially announced when the Maestro approves the new design. However, it is highly questionable whether the Italian's okay will ever come; he is fundamentally skeptical about new editions of his earlier designs. Looking at the modern rebirth of the Lamborghini Countach , which he also designed, Gandini said: "Repeating a model from the past is, in my opinion, a betrayal of the core principles of my DNA as a car designer."

An inquiry to the EMA Group about the Cizeta comeback has so far remained unanswered.,


A Frankfurt businessman is said to be working on the comeback of the super sports car brand Cizeta. The new Cizeta gets a V16 engine again. There should already be a mobile prototype. One can be curious. Only twelve copies of the original Cizeta were built, then the company was finished - but the legend lives on to this day.


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