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Charity auction: Ford Mustang (2024) auctioned with VIN 001

The auction house Barrett-Jackson has auctioned off the 2024 Mustang with the ID number 001. The handsome proceeds benefit diabetes research.

The final hammer fell at a whopping 490,000 dollars. That's the equivalent of almost 450,000 euros. A lot of money for a Ford Mustang of the latest generation, which regular customers will probably pay around 60,000 euros from summer 2023. But Barrett-Jackson didn't add just any Mustang to his portfolio, and he didn't do it on whim either. The Mustang with the vehicle identification number 001 was sold at the auction in Scottsdale (city in the US state of Arizona). The proceeds are for a good cause - and were also generously fed by other donors. ,

The car doesn't exist

Too bad for the one with the highest bid: After the auction, sitting in the car and driving into the sunset was unfortunately not possible - because the pony car we bought wasn't even built yet. Initially, only the vehicle number was bought, but even that has its charm. The new 001 owner can now choose from scratch how his car should look. The only thing that is clear is that it will be a Fastback GT, but equipment and color remain freely selectable. ,

In addition to the bidder's investment, Ford dealership San Tan and a private benefactor are donating a total of $75,000, bringing the total proceeds for the Mustang 001 to $565,000. The money goes to the international NGO Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) with headquarters in New York. The organization is dedicated to promoting research related to type 1 diabetes. It is about healing, treatment and prevention. It is one of the 100 largest NGOs in the USA and has financed projects with a total volume of around 1.7 billion dollars since it was founded in 1970. In our photo show at the top of the article we show you the new Mustang, which contributes to the work of the JDRF with its auction proceeds for number 001.


The auction house Barrett-Jackson follows a tradition. Mustang models with the VIN 001 have been auctioned there for a good cause several times, and now the latest model of the US icon, which will be launched in summer 2023, has also been auctioned off. The total proceeds of 565,000 dollars (around 518,000 euros) will benefit the JDRF and thus diabetes research.


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