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Caterham 485 CSR (2019): Strongest Caterham outside the UK

Caterham 485 CSR (2019)
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N So Boris Johnson has made it and is Great Britain Prime minister. Means: Brexit is not far off. And when he comes, when in doubt he comes hard and relentless. But Great Britain has not yet left the EU, which also means that anyone who wants to buy a product from the island could now find a good opportunity. After Brexit, it could get significantly more expensive. Which brings us to Caterham. The driving machine specialists from Dartford in the county of Kent are actually already living the Brexit. The model range in the UK looks very different from the continental European one, which is also clearly slimmed down.

Two-liter compressor in the UK, two-liter vacuum cleaner in the EU

Not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of performance. For example the top models: Caterham offers the British the 620 with 314 hp and a maximum of 297 Newton meters strong two-liter supercharged engine from Ford, which in its sharpest versions in 2.79 seconds from zero to 60 mph (96.6 km /h) as well accelerated to a maximum of 250 km /h. EU customers, on the other hand, have to be content with the 237 hp, a maximum of 206 Newton meters, 3.9 seconds from hull to 100 km /h and 225 km /h top speed of the new 485 CSR, whose two-liter Ford engine, which is dry sump lubricated, has to do without charging.

The 485 CSR has less power than the 620, but is still a typical Caterham.

And then the UK version is even cheaper: the 620 in Great Britain costs 48,890 pounds (currently around 54,700 euros). The 485 CSR in Germany costs 65,444 euros. The reason for the different model policy is not the disdain of the Caterham managersfor their EU customers. The divergent offer is mainly due to regulatory reasons: 'We had to adapt our EU range due to the WLTP regulations,' says Caterham Managing Director Graham Macdonald. 'But I am pleased that we can still offer our continental European customers something that reflects what Caterham has always been about: driving pleasure.'

Power-to-weight ratio at supercar level

The other way round does not mean that the Caterham friends on the mainland are fed with undercooked B-ware. The 485 CSR also impresses with a terrific power-to-weight ratio of 2.45 kg /hp, which is absolute supercar level. In order to achieve a curb weight of 580 kilograms, the EU top model, completely Caterham-like, does without anything superfluous. As usual, the retro body is stretched over a tubular space frame, and some lightweight materials are also used. The dashboard is made of carbon as standard, while fenders made of the carbon fiber composite material (which are also aerodynamically optimized) and wind deflectors are on the surcharge list. A roll cage also costs extra.

Pushrod shock absorbers are used on the front axle.

In addition, there is the usual Caterham Motorsport-inspired chassis technology with internal push-rod dampers at the front and double wishbones at the rear. The rims, seven inches wide at the front and nine inches at the rear, but always 15 inches high, are fitted with sticky Avon ZZS mixed tires and hide a braking system with four-piston calipers at the front. A manual five-speed gearbox and a limited slip differential are standard equipment, while LED daytime running lights have to be paid for separately.

Inside, adjustable leather seats, fabric panels for the inside of the door and a removable Momo sports steering wheel are standard equipment. Upon request, the materials carbon and Alcantara can be used more extensively and a specially designed light shows the perfect switching time.


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