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Camaro Facelift (2019): Chevrolet fixes design slip-ups

Chevrolet Camaro Facelift (2019)
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B it should look particularly grim, the Chevrolet Camaro after its last facelift less than a year ago. That's why the designers gave it a very dark front, in which the central bumper element was painted just as black as the two radiator grilles above and below. In addition, the 'bowtie' ('the fly'), the traditional Chevy logo, migrated from the upper grill into this element. Marginal changes, one would think, but met with rejection and protests from the Camaro fan base. So after less than a year, Chevrolet added an 'emergency facelift' that corrected the errors.

'Command back' for the front design

Those responsible for Chevy gave the error even to: 'The customers spoke and we listened,' says Steve Majoros, Chevrolet's director of car marketing. The “Shock” show car, which was presented at last year's SEMA show and which, according to the manufacturer, provoked extremely positive public reactions, served as a model. So the bowtie moved back into the radiator grille and the bumper element now shines again in body color. In addition, the Camaro styling remains as the designers came up with a year ago.

A few things have also changed on the technical side. There is, for example, the new LT1 variant, which functions as an entry-level model with a V8 engine. For already $ 34,995 (currently around 41,150 euros) and thus $ 3,000 less than for the Camaro SS, there is not only the 461 hp engine of the sports model, but also its hood with air scoop and designed in the Camaro SS style, 8.5 x 20 inch wheels with all-season tires. There are also LT1 emblems on the fenders. The engine can either be combined with a manual six-speed gearbox or the ten-speed automatic which is also available.

Ten-speed automatic now also for the V6

Speaking of automatic : The transmission is now also available in conjunction with the 279 hp 3.6-liter V6 engine. In addition, the facelift for the 2020 model brings the new exterior color rally green as well as greater options for the rear spoiler, rim design and other colors for brake calipers, the interior and a few other details. The first emergency lifted Camaros roll into US dealerships in early autumn.


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