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As part of the Top Marques Monaco, Bugatti presented the Chiron Pur Sport "Grand Prix", a new model in its bespoke tailoring program Sur Mesure - inspired by racing driver Louis Chiron.

Bugatti has been fulfilling every conceivable customer request for years. At the end of 2021, the French super sports car manufacturer summarized its customization activities under the term Sur Mesure and presented a first highly customized model with the number 32. The new model also has this starting number 32.

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport "Grand Prix" - number 32

As part of the Top Marques Monaco luxury trade fair, Bugatti presented its latest model from the "Sur Mesure" customization program, which the Molsheim-based company created for a collector released as a one-off. The premiere location was well chosen, after all it was Louis Chiron who drove for Bugatti in the 1920s and 1930s and was the only Monegasque to win the Monaco Grand Prix in 1931 in a Type 51 with starting number 32.

This start number is now also emblazoned on the "Grand Prix" and is applied by hand. Furthermore, two new exterior colors in blue and black adorn the one-off as well as the EB pattern on the front fenders, which is also repeated on the door panels in the interior. The "32" motif and the "Grand Prix" lettering can also be found there on a special insert in the center console made of black anodised aluminum with a hand-painted silver lettering. Door sills, headrests and courtesy lights are similarly decorated. In terms of drive, the model was apparently not refined. It stays with the 8.0-liter W16 with 1,500 hp and 1,600 Nm of torque.

By the way: Chiron was instrumental in organizing the Monaco Grand Prix up until his death in 1979. Rather inglorious was an incident in 1949 when the racing driver publicly accused Hellé Nice – racing driver, model and dancer – of collaborating with the National Socialists at a party in Monaco. With his statement, which turned out to be untrue, Chiron had prematurely ended Nice's racing career.

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Sur Mesure Nocturne – number 9

A Chiron Pur Sport proudly wears the number 9 in its front grille – the number is painted in French Racing Blue. The French national flag Tricolore, which adorns the two end plates of the rear wing, is also an indication that this Chiron is probably going to a French customer. The dark carbon fiber body has been decorated with stripes in Nocturne Blue (night blue) by an artist. In the interior, the outfitters have taken up the exterior color theme again - the entire interior is in the colors Beluga Black and French Racing Blue.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Sur Mesure Vagues de Lumière - number 38

The Chiron Super Sport with the number 38 in the front grille will also be going to its new owner soon. His paint is called Vagues de Lumière (waves of light). To do this, painters first applied a base coat in the color California Blue by hand, after which lines in Arancia Mira were applied to the vehicle in weeks of detailed work following the course of the light. The magnesium rims, the lettering on the engine and the interior leather are also in the color Arancia Mira.

Those responsible for Bugatti emphasize that the complex painting process takes about five weeks. First, specialists create 2D patterns, which they then apply to the vehicle surface. Then, meticulously handcrafted, various layers of paint are applied to the super sports car in order to create the deepest possible color effect. Finally, it is sealed with several layers of clear varnish.

Chiron Pur Sport as a Sur Mesure model - number 32

The first Sur Mesure customer project was already finished in December 2021. The design of the sky-blue Chiron Pur Sport is inspired by racing driver Louis Chiron. In 1931, the racing driver, together with Achille Varzi, won the French Grand Prix in a Bugatti Type 51 with starting number 32. The number 32 is now hand-painted on the first Sur Mesure model of the Chiron Pur Sport. Specialists also apply the EB paint pattern running across the body by hand. There are embroidered EB, 32 and Grand Prix motifs for the interior. The center console has an inlay made of black, anodized aluminum with a silver, handwritten inscription. Bugatti has not announced a price for the car.

,The Bugatti Sur Mesure.Individualisation program

According to those responsible for Bugatti, customer demand for highly individualized vehicles is growing. And Bugatti sees itself in the tradition of individual body construction and design as well as individual interior fittings, paint finishes and decorations. The number of paint colors and types of leather in the current bespoke program is said to be almost unlimited. But Sur Mesure encompasses much more: From the design concept through production to delivery, the customer should have an individual experience.

Bugatti regularly demonstrates its customization skills. In 2013, the French honored six heroes of their brand history with the series " Les Légendes de Bugatti " consisting of six Veyron. In 2019, a customer from Qatar had his Chiron decorated with the "Zebra 1 of 1" with a striking color scheme of Titanic Blue and Gunpowder Gray - not with foil, of course, but real paint. In 2021, Bugatti then showed a geometric-dynamic paint sample on the Divo "Lady Bug" that the designers had developed within 18 months.

In the course of presenting its Sur Mesure program, Bugatti points to its Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport L'Or Blanc. The 2011 model was created in cooperation with the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin (KPM). Even then, the Bugatti designers orientated themselves towards natural light reflections. However, Bugatti only implemented the idea of ​​offering such special creations under the name Sur Mesure ten years later.


Bugatti has always been very accommodating to its customers when it comes to customization requests - and the well-heeled clientele seems to have increased the desire to further customize their already rare and expensive vehicle. So Bugatti is now merging its customization work under the bespoke label Sur Mesure.

The first Sur Mesure customer project is a Chiron Pur Sport, the design of which was inspired by racing driver Louis Chiron. For example, a large hand-painted 32 on the sides of the vehicle commemorates the starting number with which Chiron won the 1931 French Grand Prix in a Bugatti Type 51. Now there is another model with the number 32.

Bugatti will be generously rewarded for the handcrafted individualizations - the customers will not mind. Bugatti is doing everything right by creating a classic win-win situation.


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