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Brabham BT62 and BT62R: technical data, market launch, price

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Brabham BT62 and BT62R
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The brand newly registered in Great Britain is managed by David Brabham, son of three-time Formula 1 world champion Jack Brabham. David Brabham himself also has Racing experience and is a multiple Le Mans winner. At the moment it is known that Brabham Automotive wants to manufacture at least two vehicles: The uncompromising BT62 sports car and e a slightly more comfortable, but still nameless variant .

Brabham BT62 weighs only 972 kilos

So far, detailed information is only available for the BT62. For example, that the car will be available as a left-hand drive as well as a right-hand drive in three versions: On the one hand, as a genuine racing car that has already proven its ability at high-profile motorsport events. Also as a 'civilian' but not street-legal racetrack bolide. And thirdly as a street legal sports car.

The latter is now celebrating its debut and bears the name BT62R. Brabham Automotive domesticated its roadworthy racer with, among other things, variable ground clearance (70, 90, 110 or 130 millimeters are possible), a new, more civil-sounding exhaust system and a modified transmission set-up. The front splitter and rear diffuser are not that extreme, and the Goodyear Eagle F1 Super Sport tires naturally have a street specification.

The inside is much more comfortable and practical

The inside is R version is more comfortable than the model siblings thanks to air conditioning, heated windshield and slightly more comfortable carbon seats with leather and /or Alcantara covers. The additional sound insulation also contributes to a more cozy ambience. There are extra shelves and a new digital control panel. Thanks to the rear view camera, the BT62R is easier to maneuver than the hardcore versions. In addition, there is a specially developed sound system as an option - which, however, has its price .

Brabham will strictly limit the BT62 production to 70 vehicles, whereby the distribution among the three model versions is variable. Prices toodiffer greatly. Amazingly, the cheapest by far is the racing version with a net price of 750,000 pounds (almost 870,000 euros). But this is of course reduced to the essentials: Instead of a paint job, there is a foil according to customer requirements, the carbon interior comes completely unclad. A second seat and a basic spare parts package cost extra.

BT62 with 5.4 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine

The 'Ultimate Track Car' comes with both at no extra cost. But it also costs the equivalent of 1.15 million euros without taxes. The conversion into a street-legal sports car hits a further 167,000 euros net. But there is more, albeit at an unknown height. For example, when customers choose the Celebration Series. This carries logos and badges made of 18 carat gold, has an individually designed carbon interior and a track pack. This includes a further set consisting of the rear wing, splitter and diffuser of the racetrack versions, which can be mounted on the slopes when outing.

On the outside, all Brabham BT62 versions are attached to their mighty carbon rear spoiler and T. -shaped taillights to be recognized. In addition, they are all based on the same safety cell made of carbon and chrome-molybdenum steel including an integrated roll cage. Without exception, they contain the reason for the super sports car look: a 5.4 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine that generates 710 hp and which Brabham developed itself. The engine has to accelerate a dry weight of only 972 kilograms - that results in a power-to-weight ratio of unbelievable 1.37 kg /hp.

V8 engine with 667 Newton meters

Remarkable: Developed even without charging the V8 has a maximum torque of 667 Nm. It passes this on exclusively to the rear wheels via a sequential six-speed gearbox mounted behind the engine. There is no talk of electronic driving aids - apart from traction control. The BT62 should 'demand more from its driver. It is a car for those who challenge themselves and push themselves to their limits in order to experience driving in its purest form', according to the press release. BT62 buyers should receive a tailor-made development program in order to be able to exploit the full potential of the super sports car.

The elaborately aerodynamically optimized carbon body should provide an output of up to 1.2 tons. For comparison: The McLaren Senna, the most extreme sports car from the other sports car brand with a Formula 1 connection, manages 'only' 800 kilograms. For deceleration, the Brabham can fall back on Brembo carbon ceramic stoppers with six-piston calipers and motorsport ABS. In the track variants, the 18-inchers with central locking wear slick tires from Goodyear, which have replaced the previous development partner Michelin as the new supplier. Also the pneumatic lifting system for quick jacking up during pit stops, the motorsport-focusedDisplays and the detachable multifunction steering wheel underline the racing ambitions.

The first 35 vehicles are reminiscent of Jack Brabham

The first 35 vehicles are part of the Celebration Series and are said to have won the first 35 Remember Jack Brabham; they are painted accordingly. Brabham summarizes the other half in the Signature Series. Here the customers can choose the color individually, although each paintwork will only be available once. The track versions are already on the market, and delivery of the first BT62R copies is scheduled to start in the coming weeks.

Technical data

Brabham BT 62
Basic price 1,150,000 €
External dimensions 4460 x 1950 x 1200 mm
Cubic capacity /engine 5387 cm³ /8- Cylinder
Power 522 kW /710 PS at 7400 rpm
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