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BMW Z4 sDrive 35is in the test: New top version with a serving of M.

Rossen Gargolov
BMW Z4 sDrive 35is in the test
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A ect now, BMW is exercising restraint - in short after Bayern let their fast heavyweights BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M off the leash. The new top version of the BMW Z4 with the bulky and misleading nickname sDrive 35is must not be an M, although it looks like it thanks to the standard M spoiler package. Its scope also includes sports seats, a sports steering wheel and aluminum pedals. The adaptive M chassis, which can be set in three stages at the push of a button, and the seven-speed dual clutch transmission are also part of the standard equipment.

There is a lack of customers for an M version

However, a specially developed setup is missing for a real M version, above all aims at high lateral dynamics. In addition, there is currently a lack of customers for such a model, the official justification is said. Unofficially, the performance advantage of 34 hp compared to the 306 hp base engine may also be too small. In fact, the changes to the three-liter in-line six-cylinder with two turbochargers are within narrow limits. Only the engine control has been modified, which is particularly noticeable in the increased torque. Instead of 400, there are now 450 Newton meters from 1,500 revolutions, at full load the engine even supplies 500 Nm for a short time via the overboost function - values ​​that make some V8s blow enviously. The two oval tailpipes of the BMW Z4, on the other hand, have an impressive, intense, powerful soundscape for a production model. Especially when the roof is open - obligatory for a roadster - after pressing the start button, there is a rumbling rumble from aft, as if Franz-Josef Strauss was sitting happily in the muffler and giving a fire speech.

The Z4 sprints to 100 km /h in under five seconds

The driver reflexively aligns the multi-adjustable sports seats for maximum lateral support, placing his thumbs in the intended position on the steering wheel the rocker switch and fixes the two easy-to-read round instruments in their deep caves. If the accelerator falls, the two-seater storms off with a loud trumpet to pass the 100 km /h mark in just 4.8 seconds. This means that the BMW Z4 sDrive 35is exactly matches the factory specification and undercuts a last measured Z4 35i by four tenths of a second (5.2). Only in the higher speed regions can the stronger variant become clearerdrop.

Regardless of the power level, the six-cylinder shows a certain reluctance to high revs, to which the naturally aspirated fraction has to get used to - as well as the powerful thrust from the low rev range. The new top version has noticeably increased here compared to the previous top version, although this would only have been reported by fighter jet pilots to have a weak draft. In the intermediate sprint from 80 to 120 km /h in the last gear, the difference is at least one second (35i hand control: 7.8). However, the two chargers can still be operated a bit too long until full pressure is available.

M fans expect better driving dynamics values ​​

In view of the longitudinal dynamics would be a M on the rounded Z4 rear can be justified. The driving dynamics values, on the other hand, show that significantly more fine-tuning would have been necessary in order to gain a lead. Only the identification of the steering has been reprogrammed, which is less reflected in a more direct steering behavior than in slightly increased steering forces. Even the Sport and Sport Plus modes do not open up any new lateral acceleration horizons, although they not only influence the dampers, which regulate every millisecond, but also the sensitive ESP and the shift times. The body movements remain pronounced, as does the tendency towards safe understeer. M fans expect a higher level of neutrality without swaying and rolling, the limit range of which is heralded by easily controllable oversteer - and will be disappointed by the is, which weighs over 1.6 tons.

With its 18-inch tires, the Z4 sufficient comfort

On the other hand, everyone else is happy that the Z4, despite the standard mixed tires in 18-inch format, bounces comfortably over long bumps and reliably absorbs even short bumps - no comparison to the stiff rolling of the optional 19 inch tires. The direct steering also dispenses with hypersensitivity and with reliable feedback helps to direct the apparently endlessly long bonnet in the right direction.
For a change, instead of the sound system, the lightning-fast double-clutch transmission with seven gears, as it downshifts, ensures that the occupants are entertained acknowledged with a bold double throttle.

9,000 euros surcharge compared to the 35i

When the roof is open, the sound wave sloshes unhindered into the optimally tempered cockpit. This is ensured by the ingenious routing of the outside air around the occupants and the powerful heating. The driver can even save himself gloves thanks to the heated steering wheel. If the roof is in the large, but jagged trunk, creativity is required when packing.
BMW is imaginative when it comes to pricing. 9,000 euros extra is to be paid compared to the 35i due to the forced coupling with the optional equipment, of which 1,780Euros are allocated to the gentle increase in performance. Above all, the expensive optics package seems to be unnecessary, because even the weakest Z4 is strong enough.


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