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BMW M4: Tuner Manhart presses 635 hp out of the coupe

Normally, Manhart Performance stands for optically extravagant tuning. With the MH4 600, however, the refiner would like to show a somewhat more subtle style with the 4-seater coupe.

The Wuppertal tuning company is taking on a BMW M4 for its new project. The aim of the tuning is a visually simpler vehicle that only differs in the details from the standard M4 from Bavaria. As a rule, Manhart gives his cars a more aggressive look, for example with the Manhart MH4 GTR II.

The Manhart BMW, christened the MH4 600, is black. Manhart only changes details compared to the series M4. The tuner does without the Manhart-typical color accents on the body. There are also no in-house rims, the coupe continues to roll over the streets on the 20-inch wheels from M Performance at the front and 21 inches at the rear. The forged wheels shine in gold.

Manhart radiator grille

The tuner also takes over the front spoiler lip and side skirts, which are made of carbon. Manhart builds the radiator grille inserts, the side fender inserts and the rear diffuser themselves. They are made of carbon fiber. The interior of the MH4 600 remains untouched. BMW has already given it plenty of carbon elements.

So that the tuned M4 also cuts a good figure on the road, the customer can opt for a lowering. In this case, Manhart uses springs from H&R. The coupe then crouches 30 millimeters closer to the road on the front axle and ten millimeters on the rear axle. Optionally there is also a coilover kit from KW for even better cornering. The lowering also rounds off the MH4 600 visually. The carbon-ceramic brake system from BMW leaves Manhart in it. It already costs a surcharge of 8,800 euros ex works.

635 hp in the Manhart M4

The highlight of the tuned BMW is under the hood. Manhart pimps the three-liter biturbo properly. The tuner installs its own additional control unit, which breathes even more life into the in-line six-cylinder. Thanks to the installation, the MH4 600 delivers a whopping 635 hp instead of the standard 510 hp. The black BMW has also increased its maximum torque enormously, increasing from 650 to 780 Nm.

Manhart promises acceleration from 0 to 200 kilometers per hour in 10.5 seconds. In the sport auto super test (09/2021) the standard rear-wheel drive car needed 11.9 seconds. The strengthened BMW should master the intermediate sprint from 100 to 200 km/h in 6.42 seconds. Manhart demands 2,525 euros for this performance upgrade. In addition, the coupe gets a stainless steel exhaust system from the tuner, which, as can be seen in the pictures, ends in four ceramic-coated tailpipe trims with a circumference of 100 millimeters each. One could get the impression that the asphalt can be flambéed with the pipes in combination with the full lowering.

If the BMW tuned for understatement is too tame for you, you are welcome to order one or the other accessory from Manhart and have it installed.


Manhart promises a subtly tuned BMW M4 with the MH4 600. Visually, the tuner creation is less conspicuous than their other vehicle refinements. However, with the increase in output of 125 hp and 130 Nm, the Manhart BMW clearly stands out from the series M4.


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