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BMW M2 Competition (2018): video, driving report, data, price

BMW M2 Competition (2018) driving report
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Spurred on by the success of the M2, preparations are underway for the successor to the compact model on Hochtou ren. “We still have a lot to do with the BMW M2,” was the message from board circles months ago. Now it is certain: In September the M2 Competition will replace the current M2 Coupé. The Competition is therefore not a special model, but a replacement for the small M. The new BMW M2 Competition receives the 3.0-liter turbo in-line six-cylinder from the M4 and thus generates 410 hp. This makes the new model 40 hp more powerful than the previous M2. The maximum torque is 550 Nm and is available from 2,250 revolutions per minute. The BMW M2 Competition is said to be so potent with a six-speed manual transmission from zero to 100 km /h in 4.4 seconds. With the optional double clutch transmission (DCT), the sprint is a little faster.

For a moment, the rear axle feels smooth - then it switches to drift. First of all in the racing drift. At the limit speed, the rear axle pushes a little out of the zero position and remains in the comfort point. If you don't slip off the accelerator in shock, but gradually add torque by gently applying boost pressure, you slide elegantly over the apex and don't even have to counter-steer - the M2 aligns itself perfectly at the corner exit.

If the steering angle of the rear axle is not completely off track, MDM does not interfere. Driving fast on the racetrack is playful on the one hand, but also feels really fast on the other. Because the lustfully yawing rear axle clearly signals: limit area - but without sending the M2 into the gravel bed or into the planks shortly afterwards. When the ESP is switched off, drift challenge drifts succeed without the threat of a nasty counterattack or counter swing. And, yes, the competition weighs more; according to the EU standard 55 kilograms, to be precise. But you don't notice the additional weight of the two-door model. Not even when drifting. Like the M2Competition, a sports car has to be coordinated so that it does justice not only to professionals, but also and above all to amateurs - and generates pleasure in the latter, not frustration. That is the fine art. And those who develop fixated on measured values ​​and lap times will never bring this art to perfection.


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