Autumn trip with Ford Mustang and Indian Chief

Rossen Gargolov
Through autumn with a Ford Mustang and Indian
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S at least since the Rilke verses in We know in German lessons that autumn can be a bit sad, melancholy and world-wracking. Big nonsense. Psychedelic colored leaves tumble from the trees, and if you drive fast enough, the corners of your eyes glint orange and yellow and brown, as if you are leading through a gigantic Jefferson airplane record cover. The sun is still so warm that as soon as you see it, you will feel the difference between floodlit meadows and shady forests. You can smell the wood store on the outskirts of Friolzheim before you drive out of the forest towards the place-name sign, the air is so fresh. There is less going on on the streets at the weekend, and here in the Gäu, between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb, even more.

The California yellow of the Ford Mustang fits into the landscape like the Flecktarn B field suit in the undergrowth near Sennelager . The heating in the convertible thuds a little and the smart phone is streaming Neil Young's fall album from 1972 into the colorful landscape.

Indian Summer in the Gäu

Sometimes the sun penetrates through the wisps of fog, and then the colors in the forest really explode. The yellow Ford Mustang fades like an Orwochrom slide, the pace slows down, the curves tighter, and now it really doesn't matter where you're driving, whether the next town is Pforzheim or Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on the US highway 191 or Lincoln, New Hampshire, on the Kancamagus Highway, to name but two of the classic Indian Summer routes. Pforzheim, the northern Black Forest. But is that really such a big difference when you're in a car like the new Mustang?

Rossen Gargolov
Tear through the leaves in the autumn forest, thereatmosphere comes up.

As a reminder: In the current version, the eternal pony car (because similar to the Golf, the Mustang was founded from 1964 a vehicle class named after him) clearly gained in charm and attractiveness, which is certainly primarily due to the design. It quotes early Mustang influences without caricaturing itself - no small feat. And something else is new: The Mustang can be ordered normally from Ford, it is available from the dealer around the corner and can be configured on the Internet alongside Ecosport, Tourneo and Fiesta.

Indian Chief Vintage fresh out of the garage

Which brings us to the second vehicle of our autumn trip. Rainer has brought it with him, he works two floors below at the sister magazine MOTORRAD, and their long-term test Indian is noticed anew every morning in the underground car park. Indian, you will think there was something. And you are right. Since the all-American brand went bankrupt in 1953, it had to endure attempts at resuscitation like a ventilation dummy in a first aid course. The youngest is more sustainable, because behind it is the financially strong Polaris Group, which has the motorcycle brand Victory in its portfolio.

So now the Indian Chief Vintage. Rainer explains, tells something about the 111 cubic inch (1,811 cm3) V2 engine with a 49 degree cylinder angle. And because we know pictures of old Indian motorcycles from the 30s and 40s, we stand in front of them admiring. The engine presented in 2014 looks like it was a restored pre-war specimen. Okay, almost like that. The exhaust manifolds grow downward from the cylinder heads as if the Indian Chief Vintage had upright valves. But it doesn't. And because of the parallel push rods, it has the luxury of three camshafts below for four valves.

Rossen Gargolov
The Indian makes a brilliant appearance.

The V8 in the Ford Mustang is impressive

Then the wind hums over the high pane directly into your face, the leaves tear past your knees, and you can feel the autumn coolness Fingertips and toes. It doesn't like sloping positions either, but the Indian Chief Vintage springs very well, even according to car criteria. And it causes a stir. A Harley? But not a Harley? You almost seem to be able to read the thoughts of motorcyclists and car drivers driving by.

Perhaps they also apply to the Ford Mustang. Rainer is now back from his lap, says 'Wow', because the 421 hp are impressive for someone who handles motorbikes over 180 hp every day. It is not just the sheer power of the five-liter V8 that inspires . But the casual way with which he fights the torque converter, cardan shaft and rear wheels, spontaneously and yet not hectically. Steam and speed from the depths of the crankshaft, that's what an internal combustion engine should feel like. Hammer, he says.

Rossen Gargolov
'Wow!' The 421 hp of the five-liter V8 inspire.

Our comparison? Tie

The Ford Mustang is similar to the Indian Chief Vintage. Although it doesn't get started quite so casually, 84 HP is just not the world. And it wants to be driven more consciously, shifting gears on a motorcycle like this is done by the driver himself, so we're still waiting for progress. 'Let's agree on a tie,' we foolishly with a Monty Python quote. This is how you cover up the fact that saying goodbye is a little difficult. Not the summer. From the Indian Chief Vintage and the Ford Mustang.


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