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Audi TTS Roadster in the test: topless, athlete-like

Rossen Gargolov
Audi TTS Roadster in the test
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The test of the Audi TTS Roadster also deals with the same question, which came first - the egg or the chicken . Have customers expressed their desire for ever more powerful roadsters and convertibles, or did the industry even awaken this desire with a corresponding offer? As always, the answer remains open. What is certain, however, is that anyone who, like s port auto , is primarily committed to the dynamic mode of transport has not necessarily thought of open cars so far.

After all, coupés are - according to the adequately verifiable theory - stiffer, lighter and, as a result, mostly faster and more agile. But: If the majority of buyers do not challenge such concerns, why shouldn't we think outside the box? And what season of the year would be better than the one when this type of car experiences its absolute high - summer? So, let's combine the Audi TT with plenty of power and a high degree of variability in terms of the roof structure, and put the recently face-lifted open Audi TTS with S tronic to the test.

Proud The TTS Roadster has a live weight of 1,531 kilos

Since nothing has been done with the most powerful expansion variant of the supercharged two-liter direct injection engine as part of the facelift, this can be excellently achieved with the Compare Audi TTS Coupé in the Supertest . Even though - that much should be said in advance - it was difficult for the Roadster. On the one hand, literally because, with a live weight of 1,531 kilos, he weighs almost 100 kilos more than his closed brother, and on the other hand, because the elements were simply against him on the day of the measurement. After all, who is capable of top performance with 31 degrees air and 51 degrees asphalt temperature? At least not the TTS Roadster, which is forcibly ventilated by an exhaust gas turbocharger. He was noticeably out of breath on this extremely hot measurement day, as the comparison of the values ​​from the elasticity and acceleration measurement with those of the Audi TTS Coupé, which was taken in the sport auto long-term test fleet at the beginning of April 2008, shows.

The Audi TTS Roadster takes 17.9 seconds from zero to 100

That was also started with the six-speed dual clutch transmission, which is subject to a surcharge, but at around 20 degrees lower outside temperaturesthe start and had the round nose clearly ahead in the episode. In the intermediate sprint from 80 to 160 km /h in 6th gear, the coupé duped the Audi TT S Roadster in the test with 15.9 to 19.2 seconds as well as in the sprint from zero to 180 km /h. For the latter, the Roadster needs 17.9 seconds at least 1.7 seconds more than the 2 + 2-seater with a fixed roof (16.2 seconds). So it's no wonder that the lap times are clearly decided by the Coupé. Since endurance test cars do not necessarily have to pass this test, the comparison to the Audi TTS Coupé with S tronic is missing, but the manual version burned a quite impressive time on the short course in 2008 with 1.16.1 minutes. And that with equally not ideal external conditions (air 25, asphalt 32 degrees Celsius).

TTS Roadster is more leisurely on the road than its coupé colleague

The much more bulky Roadster with the now chrome-decorated radiator grille has comparatively little to oppose that on the clock: with 1.17.5 minutes the two-seater is a lot more comfortable on the road. Of course, chasing curves is still fun because the Audi TTS Roadster tackles tight corners in an exemplary manner with neutrality. Only the dual clutch transmission, which also shifts automatically in manual mode, is not the last word in wisdom. Roadster pilots, on the other hand, do not have to make any compromises when it comes to quick, even changes of direction. In the 180-meter-long pylon lane, the open Audi TTS is hardly less brilliant than the closed one. An average speed of 68.2 km /h is 68.6, compared to the TTS Coupé with dual clutch transmission in the endurance test.

The Audi TTS Roadster embodies a tempting piece of open-air culture

The deceleration performance was neat, but not outstanding, for all Audi TTS variants in the editorial office With an average 10.1 to 10.4 m /s², it is no longer possible to win a flower pot within the sporty competition. Even the much heavier Mercedes E500 convertible grabs a lot more courageously. And in everyday life? Does the Audi TTS Roadster embody a tempting piece of open-air culture? This question can easily be answered with yes. The convertible top opens and closes electrically at the push of a button, extremely quickly and even while driving, the winch in the interior can be varied from stormy to moderate by means of side windows and electrically extendable wind deflectors. Against this background and in view of the refreshingly lively working method of the supercharged four-cylinder, we don't care about the egg and the chicken - if it's fun.


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