Aston Martin Vantage AMR: Pure sports car pleasure

Aston Martin Vantage AMR
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B One could reluctantly claim that AMR stands for “All of my reserves” - because at least around 185,000 euros have to be invested in the Vantage AMR. If you want one of the 59 anniversary editions in Stirling green, put 210,000 on the table. The prices are juicy, but Aston Martin is not known for bargains anyway. So what do you get for the money?

Hoe-tip simulator

Aston Martin
At In this manual transmission, the first gear is at the bottom left. We're just saying it so you don't accidentally start in reverse.

Of course, AMR really stands for “Aston Martin Racing”, and that's what we did put this Vantage version on its wheels. First, Aston donated a third pedal, because the AMR drives with a manual seven-speed gearbox - and because the sportiness is not hidden, the first gear is on the bottom left. In addition, the Vantage has a system called AMshift. This simulates a heel-to-top effect when downshifting through the interaction of data from clutch, gear and cardan shaft sensors in the engine control unit. This ensures smoother deceleration when cornering quickly. In addition, the switchable system allows the driver to shift up at full throttle, thereby minimizing the interruption of tractive power.

While the performance remains unchanged compared to the production model, the manufacturer promises that it will be served differently in the AMR. Manual shifting is involved twice in this. On the one hand by its very existence, but also because it saves a lot of weight compared to the eight-speed automatic. The AMR is a total of 95 kilos lighter than its civil brother - also because it is equipped with a carbon-ceramic brake system.

The tragedy of the AMR

But like every good story, toothis a dramatic turn. Limitation is the keyword, because not only the Le Mans Sieges anniversary edition with the meaningful name 59 is limited, but also the AMR in general. There will only be 200 pieces worldwide. As exciting as the vehicle segment is, the AMR color palette looks so calm. Black, white, gray and blue are on offer. As already mentioned, the green with lime-colored accents is reserved for the anniversary edition. Aston Martin names the last quarter of 2019 as the delivery date.

After the dramatic turnaround, now to the happy ending: From next year, the standard Vantage will also be available with a manual gearbox on request. Usually we don't quote press releases, but Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer formulates a few poignant lines in this context: “In a world of autonomous robo-taxis, Aston Martin will continue to focus on the art and science of performance driving ask. “But be careful! Not that AMR has to be translated as “Ouch, my back” at the end.


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