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Aston Martin Vanquish Vision Concept mid-engined sports car

Aston Martin Vanquish Vision Concept
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Sports cars with front-engine and rear-wheel drive have a long tradition at Aston Martin. But the British have also discovered mid-engine sports cars for themselves and do not want to leave the field to the established providers alone in the future. After the models Valkyrie and Valkyrie AM Pro as well as the k ommenden RB 003 is to hit a fourth model in this notch with the new Vanquish. The British are now showing a first study of the new Vanquish, which should go into production in 2022, with the Vanquish Vision Concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

Aluminum instead of carbon chassis

With the In the fourth mid-engine sports car, the British want to launch a car that is less radically designed than its sister models - a super sports car for the road, so to speak. For the chassis, a glued aluminum construction with Kabon elements is to be used instead of the previously installed carbon monocoque. For the drive, Aston Martin relies on the new turbo V6, which is installed in the RB 003 in a hybrid configuration. The performance will be below that of the RB 003, but the hybrid drive in the Vanquish could enable purely electric propulsion. 'We are currently discussing whether and how this might be necessary,' explains David King, who is responsible for small series vehicles and motorsport activities at Aston Martin. King also asserts that the new mid-engined vehicles “by no means mean the end of the era of front-engined sports cars”. Presumably the electric motor will drive the front axle, so that the sports car becomes a four-wheel drive, as it were.

The concept car in Geneva shows that the upcoming Vanquish will also be formally based on Valkyrie and Co. The Vanquish also relies on extreme airflow instead of lush spoilers.


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