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Aston Martin Erlkönig: First prototype with Mercedes genes

Stefan Baldauf
Aston Martin Erlkönig
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A ston Martin is one of the great old British sports car brands. But the technology that the British rely on is also old. The so-called VH platform comes from Ford times and has been adapted over and over again for all current models. However, it can no longer be made fit for future demands on assistance systems, driving dynamics and flexibility. Accordingly, a new technology base is needed and this is currently being developed with ample support from Mercedes from Stuttgart. Daimler has held a 5% stake in the British sports car manufacturer in the form of non-voting shares since the end of 2013.

New Aston Martin DB9 to be launched at the end of 2016

Like the first Muletto with Aston Martin Vantage body shows, in terms of wheelbase for the two-door, not much will change. However, the wide-flared wheel arches signal a clear increase in width and thus more track width. Under the sheet metal, the lightweight chassis should work off the British pounds of the Aston Martin.

With the new modular platform, modern assistance and safety systems, contributed by Mercedes, can also be expected. The engines of the new Aston Martin generation must also fail in keeping with the times. Here, too, a lot of Mercedes know-how and hardware should find their way under the British aluminum sheet. The V8 engines are derived from the new four-liter biturbo V8 from the Mercedes AMG models. The British will likely keep the tried and tested V12, because the Ford engine plant in Cologne will supply it until 2018.

The first Aston Martin of the new generation should be the new edition of the DB9 Vantage 2016.


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