Aston Martin DBS Superleggera in the test

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera tested
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R eichtum is one of the villains of this world, as it usually only occurs singularly. Rich in money, beauty and intelligence combined? Rarely happens. Shockingly rare. Somewhat also applies to Aston Martin sports cars. They like to let any criticism of their aesthetics roll off their perfect proportions, evaporate on the few sharp edges or seep away via the numerous precisely curved curves. Hook on it, so far, so dream car. Also and especially the new DBS Superleggera.

then switches up again too quickly. So do it yourself, drive it yourself, experience it yourself.

He gives you rich presents, the Aston. This saves on assistance systems and modern infotainment - apart from the umbrella in the trunk, the closing aid for the bonnet, the electrically operated cover of the center console and the crazy B&O audio system.

For the ultimate GT, the Aston Martin sees in the Superleggera, that doesn't seem like enough. Especially considering the price, for which the buyer has to endure sometimes absurd gaps and air vents, the haptic value of which easily undercuts that of an ice scraper. Actress Sharon Stone was not wrong when she admitted on the record that 'it is not that easy to be as beautiful as you look'.


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