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Aston Martin DB11 Erlkönig: Lots of Mercedes in the interior

Stefan Baldauf
Aston Martin DB11 Erlkönig
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The A ston Martin DB11 is already based on the new aluminum lightweight construction platform.

Aston Martin DB11 with new V12 biturbo engine

The DB11, the new name that was officially confirmed at the IAA, will also be equipped with a V12 engine in the future. The 5.2-liter twelve-cylinder biturbo should be further optimized in terms of performance (more) and consumption (less) in order to surpass the current model with 517 hp and 620 Nm. The prototype caught is already walking the double-charged engine. This is indicated by the switches for charge air cooler pumps and charge air cooler fans on the center console. The new twelve-cylinder was developed by Aston Martin.

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The electrical architecture for the new Aston Martin DB11 comes from development partner Daimler. So the Briton gets an adapted command system with controller on the center console and fully digital instruments like in the Mercedes S-Class.

There will be a few changes in the design. The bonnet appears more contoured, the rear overhang is shorter, the roofline appears flatter. The model here will be the DB10, which the British have launched for the upcoming James Bond film. The DB9 successor should be on the market as early as 2016.


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