Artist Fabian Oefner lets Audi R8 V10 'explode'

Big Bang for Audi R8 V10
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E r did it again. Fabian Oefner let the next sinfully expensive sports car explode into its individual parts. This time it's an Audi R8 that seems to be shooting its innards out of the rear at maximum speed. The brand is thus celebrating an anniversary that looks a bit constructed: “We are celebrating ten years of the V10,” it says on the Audi USA Facebook page. This has to be honored, after all, the V10 engine belongs to an extinct species. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned at least briefly that the S6 and S8 already had a ten-cylinder in the bow in 2006. In the R8, however, the engine wasn't actually used until spring 2009.

First disassemble, then take photos

But enough of the historical rectification, after all, this is about art - and it has to truly cannot be created on an occasion. For the second time within a short time, Oefner created his explosion picture on a living object. Like in the previous “Disintegrating X” project with a Lamborghini Miura SV on a real car and not just a model. And the R8 shoot was just as complex as the one with the classic Italian sports car. Again, all parts of the explosion had to be photographed individually, again Oefner had to insert the individual images into the finished photo in painstaking detail on the computer. “Anyone who looks a little longer, realizes that each part has really been photographed individually,” says the Swiss who lives in New York.

There is one point where the exploding R8 differs from the Miura: the finished one To create a work of art, a functioning car first had to be dismantled. It was the other way around with the Miura: Oefner photographed the individual parts during the restoration of the car, i.e. during assembly. But as the video shows, professionals were at work when the Audi was dismantled and they were sure to put the coupé back together again afterwards.

Reminiscent of an R8 commercial

'It may be the slowest high-speed photo ever taken, ”says Fabian Oefner in the little film. And it's a throwback to a commercial that was once produced for the first R8. Back then, he showed how the sports car was assembled as if by magic. The slogan was: “The slowest car that Audi has ever built.” The video for Oefner's art project is entitled: “The slowest work of art that we have ever built.” The music is also the same: “The Beep Beep Song” by Simone White. A song that is perfect with its calm charismaContrast to the exploding image.


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