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Alfa Romeo 4C and Giulietta QV in the driving report: joker meets. Character guy

Rossen Gargolov
Alfa Romeo 4C and Giulietta QV in the driving report
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If that goes well: There is this white hip flask on the concrete runway of the airport in Lahr, and its four-cylinder turns up determined, almost a little desperate. The reason: Acceleration measurement 0 to 100 km /h. The tool: Launch Control. It levels the speed perfectly, selects the optimal grinding and engagement point for the dual clutch transmission. 4.5 seconds should come out of it. Pretty good for a 240 hp car. However, one that weighs just over 1,000 kilograms and in which a very special 1,742 cubic turbo four-cylinder is stuck behind the driver's back. In the Alfa Romeo 4 C the thing screams as if unleashed, roars, moans, whistles, hisses and stutters at the limiter like a dervish.

Alfa Romeo 4C with carbon fiber monocoque

You are single and like turbo? Then you can use the blow-off valve of the Alfa Romeo 4C make an application directly. Seldom has a charger in a production car blown off so frivolously. It chirps and trills in the neck of the driver, as is usually the case with rally cars. That alone is a reason to play with the gas pedal like a child without having to shift up and down. Just to listen to the turbine pressurize and the valve release. Sounds childish? It is. And how! Wonderful.

Alfa Romeo has given everything with the 4C and thus has given up a lot. Mainly on weight. The 3.99 meter long Alfa Romeo 4C is the only athlete in the affordable league to wear a monocoque made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. Weighing only around 65 kilograms, incredibly stiff and, by the way, beautiful to look at with its glossy black fiber mesh underneath the glossy clear coat that shimmers everywhere in the body-hugging carbon cocoon.

Alfa Romeo 4C reaches 100 km /h

But glamor and chic are not important now, now it's all about. Pulled the rocker switch, the one-ton truck dived off. Shortly before reaching the rev limiter, when the digital tachometer is already getting threatening color, the transmission automatically and jaggedly shifts to the next gear and pushes the occupants into the Alcantara cover againSeats. Jackpot. The target mark has been reached, the Alfa Romeo 4C gets its 4.4 seconds to 100 km /h and 12.7 seconds to the quarter mile and can cool off in peace for now.

Time for the literally big sister of the Alfa Romeo 4C. Even if it looks more like a guy in matt gray paint, it remains the Giulietta. Female. Albeit as a Quadrifoglio Verde with spoilers, carbon trim and large wheels. The most important thing, however, is the heart of the green shamrock: the 1.8-liter TBi-16V from the show star 4C. Simply repotted, but different from there - in the center, directly behind the driver's back - he crouches in front of the pilot at the Giulietta.

The Giulietta weighs around 1.4 tons

But what happened? Here, too, the machine turns and pushes with a bit of taste, but the dervish suddenly wears a suit. As a reminder: the same engine, the same six-speed dual clutch transmission. But without any drama. Loader whistles? Hm. Hardly. Chirping? Nothing. If the 1.742 in the Alfa Romeo 4C sounds like a turbocharger with a connected engine, the four-cylinder in the Giulietta roars like a vacuum cleaner. Yes, if you want, with a little good will you can even feel reminded of the past. The famous Alfa double ocher, for example. The four-leaf clover has to be good for something.

Be careful, you shouldn't underestimate the 4.35 meter long four-door car. The slightly top-heavy 1.4-ton truck steers in properly, grabs the line of choice for a front-wheel-drive compact quite dry and precise, in itself sporty-dynamic. However, the double coupler works rather sluggishly with him, occasionally shifts up and down arbitrarily, takes a moment to think it over. The Alfa Romeo 4C does a completely different job. Zackzag and off. Or should we say zigzag? In their euphoria and consistency, the Alfisti not only left out the power assistance for the steering, but also a reasonably tolerable straight-line stability on uneven slopes. If the asphalt is smooth, everything is bomb, then the thing turns in bitingly and smoothly like a terrier, understeer only moderately, remains neutral, comes out with the accelerator command with the rear. Hui, the mood.

The flyweight, the turbo punch and the offensive chassis layout fit. Pilot and Alfa Romeo 4C come closer and closer, eventually merge if the driver wants them to. The gas foot controls the pulse of the engine, you breathe to the rhythm of the turbocharger, you become one with this machine and think: Great, why can't others do that?

Giulietta as a real character actor

Until the first patches appear, waves or whatever wrinkles the road surface. Now you have both hands full on the little steering wheel. Literally. The Alfa Romeo 4C appearsconstantly wanting to turn. Except that there is no turn. The Alfa engineer names the low friction and the lack of damping in the servo-less system as reasons. We tend to bet on sporty values ​​for falls and caster. No matter how - entertainment is provided in the tightly upholstered, but surprisingly moderately sideways seats. And for strength training, because fast maneuvers require muscle effort.

Now the top Giulietta has its hour. Your power steering is not too light, but it is easy on the driver's condition as well as the generously cut and comfortably padded seats. They can't prevent the frog position behind the steering wheel, but that somehow belongs to the Alfa like the Romeo. Oh yes, when accelerating it naturally pulls the short straw after the Alfa Romeo 4C with 6.3 seconds to 100 and does not brake as brutally as the mid-engine poisonous dwarf. For the status of the character actor in the segment of the partly modular-driven Hot Hatches, it is still enough.

It's nice that something like this still exists. Rebels who, despite an engine heart donation, do not build on strict modular systems, including small character corners. And the Alfa Romeo 4C? It is and remains simply incomparable. Hardly any other car offers more entertainment for the money and for the speed driven. Love him or hate him - you will not forget him.


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