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Alfa Quadrifoglio and Autodelta: Jubi logos for new athletes

Alfa Romeo celebrates two anniversaries in 2023: 100 years of Quadrifoglio and 60 years of Autodelta. For this occasion, the Italians show two redesigned logos and at the same time announce two novelties for 2023 in this context.

On March 5, 2023, the Stellantis brand will be celebrating Autodelta's 60th anniversary at the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum in Aresa. On June 25, 2023, the 100th birthday of Quadrifoglio, there is also a big event in the museum. These celebrations will also be the setting for the presentation of the two new products that have been announced.

Autodelta sports car: "Iconic and super sexy"

Alfa boss Jean-Philippe Imparato had already announced in the middle of the year that he would be presenting something "sporty" in the first half of the year - sketches or a concept car, he said vaguely. At the beginning of 2023 it became more concrete, a teaser video promised an "amazing year 2023", Imparato said there could be a green light for a limited edition sports car as early as March 2023. "Yes, we are working on something of which there will be little," said the Alfa boss. The model should be "iconic, super sexy and recognizable as an Alfa Romeo at first glance."

With a view to the first Autodelta anniversary and the statement that the new model is intended to be a reminiscence of the legendary T33 Stadrale sports car (see T33/3 driving report in the photo show), a corresponding model should be available on November 5th. See the light of day in March – probably as the Alfa Romeo 6C. This model is then the last sports car with a pure combustion engine drive.

Electric Quadrifoglio Alfa with up to 1,000 hp

This new sports car will then carry the new Autodelta logo, which, like the Quadrifoglio logo, was designed by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. It aims to symbolize sportiness in the 21st century while preserving tradition. The classic Autodelta logo in triangular form with the checkered flag and blue border is updated in the new version and integrated into a stylized "60". The blue color gives way to a turquoise. Alfa adds the anniversary period "1963 - 2023" as well as the Italian flag at the top, which takes up the triangle theme again.

The Quadrifoglio logo with the shamrock has a gold border and is placed in a gold triangle. At the bottom, the years indicate the birthday. This future Quadrifoglio Verde will then carry the particularly powerful models that will be purely electric in the future. Here, too, the Alfa CEO had already given an outlook and announced an E-Alfa with up to 1,000 hp.

By the way: The first Alfa Romeo car decorated with the Quadrifoglio was the RL "Corsa" of the driver Ugo Sivocci, who won the 14th edition of the Targa Florio in 1923. Almost 100 years later, the shamrock graced the Stelvio, the first Alfa SUV.

Autodelta was founded on March 5th, 2023 by Carlo Chiti and the Chizzola brothers, based in Feletto Umberto, near Udine. The original purpose of the company was to develop the Giulia TZ model in cooperation with Alfa Romeo.


Alfa Romeo is celebrating two anniversaries: 100 years of Quadrifoglio and 60 years of Autodelta. The Italians are taking these birthdays as an opportunity to launch one last limited sports car with a combustion engine. Later in the year there will also be an electric Quadrifoglio novelty.


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