A real softie: Pagani Huayra BC Pacchetto Tempesta

At the Monterey Car Week, Pagani presents innovations. Including the Huayra BC Pacchetto Tempesta with improved aerodynamics and Soft Drive Mode.

The Pagani Huayra has been around for ten years now. Since 2011, a number of special models have appeared in addition to some further developments. The Italians are presenting their latest treasures at this year's Monterey Car Week in California, USA. These include, for example, the Pacchetto Tempesta (storm package). These are various aerodynamic adjustments to the exclusive hypercar, including the corresponding lettering on the rear.,

The package includes a new front splitter, modified air intakes, a new rear spoiler with a central fin, a new exhaust system with six tailpipes (the iconic four-pack above and two more below in the diffuser) and chassis upgrades, including the now implemented Soft Driving Mode. Does that make the Huayra a wimp? The increase in performance to 827 hp and 1,100 Newton meters speak against it. It was just a matter of getting a little more comfort out of the ribs of the extravagant sports car when needed.

Modifications to the Huayra R

Of course, there are more areas of application for such vehicles where comfort plays the last fiddle - the race track, for example. The Huayra R in particular is at home there. And because he is also automatically a 10-year jubilee, he also receives a few gifts. Pagani makes adjustments to the naturally aspirated V12 engine, the sequential six-speed box and the carbon monocoque. All within the framework of the applicable FIA ‚Äč‚Äčregulations. The exact specifics of the modifications will not be announced until California arrives.,

Those lucky enough to attend "The Quail, A Motorsport Gathering" as part of Monterey Car Week can also see a whole parade of Pagani models on site admire. The customer vehicles will do a few demonstration laps in Laguna Seca, and the presentation of the individual technical components of the Huayra R is also planned. PS 10th Birthday Party is on August 14th. Can't be there? Then we have a nice consolation: simply configure your own Pagani and let it drive a bit virtually. Find out how here .,


10 years Pagani Huayra - Amidst all the hypercar start-ups that are popping up these days, it's nice to see that there are also established giants in the segment. It often stays with the design sketch. The Italians are successful with their niche product and we mere mortals can at least enjoy the data, pictures and, with a bit of luck, the sound live.


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