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7X GTO Vision: Many Ferraris combined in one sports car

7X Design GTO Vision
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You have to be one of the particularly good Ferrari customers to be able to use the One-off program of the sports car manufacturer is taken into account and a one-off piece is manufactured for one in Maranello. Anyone who does not belong to this select group must contact independent coachbuilders to get an F errari according to your own taste. For example, at 7X Design - a company that presented its debut GTO Vision at the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood. There is a lot of work in that, after all, 7X Design removed most of the body parts and instead placed self-designed and manufactured carbon parts on the Ferrari chassis.

Design quotes from great Ferrari classics

That the sports car on based on the 488 GTB, is from the beginning at least to guess. But even here, on closer inspection, differences become apparent. The front apron, which is completely clad with grille on the original, has vertical and horizontal struts on the GTO Vision and is limited at the bottom by a front splitter. In addition, there are now additional headlights that resemble those of the eighties Ferrari icons 288 GTO, Testarossa and 328. The main headlights now also look different: They are narrower at the top, but more bulky at the bottom than the 488.

7X Design
Mix of FXX, LaFerrari and other Maranello classics: the rear of the GTO Vision.

In general, the GTO Vision by 7X Design is teeming with quotes from past and current Ferrari models. The side air intake looked similar, but much smaller, for example on the 250 LM and the Dino 246 from the 1960s. The game around the B and C pillars is reminiscent of representatives of theAperta range or one-off models like the SP12 EC - and again on the 288 GTO and F40. The 288 GTO had - once more - three ventilation slots behind the rear wheels; the F40 had four. When looking at the two wing stubs at the rear, Ferrari connoisseurs inevitably think of the FXX.

At the back, the GTO Vision resembles the LaFerrari

Another F40 quote is the transparent plastic Cover over the biturbo V8. The comprehensively barred rear, in turn, is reminiscent of the LaFerrari. It is questionable, however, whether the powerful diffuser generates a similarly high contact pressure or whether it is more used for show purposes. The base car can then be recognized again in the rear lights and tailpipes.

This obviously remains technically unaffected; At least 7X Design does not tell anything about engine tuning or chassis adjustments on its website. The double-charged 3.9-liter V8 mid-engine should therefore continue to produce 670 hp and release a maximum of 760 Newton meters on the rear wheels. Whether the driving performance of the 488 GTB - 3.0 seconds from zero to one hundred, over 330 km /h top speed - can be reproduced with the GTO Vision depends primarily on how the design changes affect the aerodynamics.

Small series of five copies planned

6 to nine months is estimated by 7X Design for a redesign in the style of the GTO Vision, from the first sketch to the finished 3D design. Exactly how long it takes depends on the base car and the customer's requirements. And from their cooperation, because 7X Design attaches importance to receiving regular feedback from its clients during the process as to whether the project is developing in the right direction. It takes another six months to a full year for the car to be built.

The bodybuilder is rewarded royally for the effort: a conversion costs 1.8 million euros, although the basic car is not yet included . If you really want to have the GTO Vision, you get it cheaper: Each of the five planned copies costs 1.35 million euros. However, the customer has to bring the necessary 488 GTB or its successor F8 Tributo with them.


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