$ 3,000 off a Camaro for Mustang drivers

Discount on Camaro - only for Mustang drivers
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W hen you have a Mustang, buy a Camaro. That doesn't sound logical, but General Motors doesn't care. Another US offer is supposed to stimulate sales: After GM wanted to attract Mustang owners with a sum of 2,500 US dollars in August and September, the auto company is now increasing it to 3,000 dollars. The condition for the bonus is tricky, however: only owners of a Ford Mustang get this credited when buying a 2019 Camaro model.

Sales of Camaro declining

Chevrolet urgently needs this injection , especially since sales of the Camaro fell 15 percent to 12,275 units in the third quarter of 2019. Although they rose slightly in the first quarter, they were still almost 5,000 units behind the Ford Mustang. So General Motors is intensifying its efforts to steal customers from its big competitor Ford.

Discount with a footnote

The $ 3,000 discount on a new Camaro is only available in the USA. In addition, only if you have been in possession of a Mustang for more than 30 days. But not if you want to lease or otherwise finance the newly acquired Camaro. However, you must have made a decision by October 31, 2019, then the offer will end. Chevrolet does not pretend that you have to hand in the Mustang. Of course it stands to reason - if you view this offer with reason. However, it is also obvious that common sense is not necessarily the top maxim according to which a sports car is bought.

Finally, unfortunately, some bad news: With the sentence 'For some customers this offer is out of the question' General Motors apparently reserves the right to refuse customers for whatever reason. It could be the buyer's haircut - or maybe the color of the mustang.


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