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24h project Nürburgring 2010: Hockenheim lap in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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24h project endurance race Nürburgring 2010
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M it is a brand new, conceptually primarily not on To compete in the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring with a series sports car optimized for a steep racing career is basically about as risky as the elimination procedure for the TV format Deutschland sucht den Superstar. Anyone who has only a vague idea of ​​the dramaturgies that the traditional race at the ring has in store and what unusual stress man and machine are exposed to (especially those whose profession is usually different) would decline and recommend money instead and commitment to more promising projects - according to the motto: A rally through the Eifel - how about that?

The principle that sport auto has lived for ten years now Not being on the safe side with the annually scheduled 24-hour classic, but rather looking for the risk rather than minimizing it because of the more interesting story behind it, has admittedly been a bit softened this year. The main actor in the 2010 24h project initiated by sport auto in cooperation with Porsche AG, the new Porsche GT3 RS, shows a few sections in its gene code that has been adapted for use on public roads Show agreement with those hardcore types, dozens of which leave the Porsche racing department in Weissach as thoroughbred racing vehicles every year. “With other road cars, you have to replace at least 80 percent of the parts before you can race them. With a Porsche, that's a maximum of 30 percent, ”says someone who should know. And who, as co-initiator, has made a significant contribution to the attention that the project, which is as bold as it is thematically obvious, has already generated.

Converted Supertest candidate from the tape to a 24-hour racer

The rally icon Walter Röhrl is by no means just acting as a Porsche representative: He is also involved as a driver and integration figure in a team of four that has recently been firmly established, whose racing strategy certainly does not show a decidedly reserved attitude due to their high average age: 'We just have to arrive ”, is the simple formula that includes success in the end, but not necessarily at the beginning of the exciting 24-hour performanceveritable fireworks can be expected. Such a wet research approach would initially be left to the recognized favorites, whose main field of activity is the racetrack and not - as with the GT3 RS - the public road.

The 30 percent estimate of the 'returnee' The double rally world champion celebrated graciously at the Ring seems, of course, a little exaggerated in view of the manageable package of measures that the motorsport department in Weissach has given the GT3 RS. The RS model, which was converted from a simple super test candidate off the production line to a 24-hour racer in a very short time, is already so well qualified at the factory that it can catch the first test laps on the small course in Hockenheim under Röhrl's critical eyes off the cuff completed a best time of 1.09.5 minutes - almost a second faster than the basic GT3 variant (1.10.4 min) - click here for the Supertest Porsche 911 GT3 . And that under external conditions, which the 450-horsepower boxer may have liked because of the higher oxygen concentration, but should not have opened the right work window for the heat-dependent semi-slicks (Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2). We are talking about an air temperature that is usually not one of the conditions to achieve top performance in driving dynamics: zero degrees Celsius.

The inspiring presentation of the status quo is very meaningful as it can be used as a rough extrapolation can be derived regarding the ring competence. The bold estimate that a Nordschleife lap with the production GT3 RS would appear possible in around 7.30 minutes was spontaneously confirmed by Röhrl on the spot.

The driver team: Walter Röhrl, Roland Asch, Horst von Saurma and the Englishman Chris Harris

'It is so easy to drive, it is almost child's play to push it to the limit,' is how he describes the driving behavior of the RS model, which is the same in its balance and controllability It has the same quality as the basic GT3 model, which has already received the highest number of points in the super test. All in all, everything is just a tad better - and faster - than its somewhat more civil sister model, which completed the Nordschleife lap within 7.40 minutes. The performance shown in series production in Hockenheim turned out to be no less impressive during the subsequent roll-out on Porsche's own Can Am course in Weissach - albeit under different circumstances and in a visibly different condition. The standard 19-inch central locking wheels have given way to the 18-inch GT3 Cup, the rear cage is provided with a bolted extension that now also includes the front cockpit area. Instead of the ceramic brake discs, steel discs now flash through theThe cross-spoke design of the red painted cup wheels and the center console as well as the steering wheel reveal a few additional switches, buttons and rocker arms, which in their functional minimalism also clearly indicate the upcoming major event.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS- Racing model weighs 1,420 kilograms

'We were of course unable to compensate for the additional weight due to the heavier steel brake discs, the tank volume expanded to 110 liters and the spacious cage', says project manager Andreas Preuninger, 'by removing the passenger seat. “With a full tank of almost 1,420 kilograms, the GT3 RS, supplemented with the essential accessories for long journeys, is around 50 kilograms heavier than the lightest RS version in the series with a 67-liter tank (1,370 kg). “On the straights you will still be one of the fastest because of the good drag coefficient and the lower downforce,” says a convinced man who has achieved fame as a director on the world's race tracks that is only a little inferior to that of Walter Röhrl : Porsche racing engineer Roland Kussmaul will use his means to maneuver the driver team, consisting of Walter Röhrl, Roland Asch, Horst von Saurma and the Englishman Chris Harris, exactly where he wants it to be - provided that they are Pilots are willing and able to obey his word.


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