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2018 Ford GT at auction: Ford won't like that at all

Bonhams /Patrick Lang
First Ford GT from 2018 at Bonhams auction
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J Now you have it an effort at Ford. Examples were even made when wrestling star John Cena faced a lawsuit after trying to put his recently acquired Ford GT up for sale. A complex application process, combined with a tight set of rules, should ensure that buyers of the limited Ford GT do not 'park' it in their garages as a mere speculative object and investment. A noble goal, actually, after all, a super sports car of this type should provide joy on asphalt.

Super sports car at double the price

Unfortunately, at least in this case, that was of little use, because it is hardly Two-year sales ban has expired, this Ford GT, built in 2018, pops up as an offer at the Bonhams auction house. As if that weren't enough, almost double the purchase price is given in the expected price range. Depending on the version, the super sports car cost around half a million euros. Bonhams is expecting proceeds of up to 970,000 euros.

Bonhams /Patrick Lang
As soon as two years have passed since the ban on sales has passed, the first 2018 Ford GT appears at an auction.

The model comes up in Shadow Black with matted visible carbon elements. In addition, the 656 HP bolide has a satined 20-inch model in graphite, black brake calipers and an interior in the 'Dark Energy' version. Only narrow 609 driven miles are on the high-priced speedometer. The hammer would have fallen on March 29th at the Goodwood Member's Meeting Sale in Chichester, UK. In view of the current crisis situation around the coronavirus,the event naturally canceled. But the auction house reports on its website that all cars are still available for purchase. However, the bidding and buying process takes place online. Ford should like that even less now. Those in charge certainly did not imagine that their baby supercar could one day be ordered on the Internet with a few clicks.


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