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10 classic sports cars from € 1,900: leave them all behind!

10 classic sports cars between 1,900 and 8,000 €
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Mitsubishi 3,000 GT from around 7,500 euros

I n the Japanese sports coupé competition, Mitsubishi showed where the high-tech hammer hangs with the 3,000 GT VR4. Toyota Supra Turbo and Nissan 300 ZX Twinturbo had neither all-wheel drive nor all-wheel steering. Neither did Franz Beckenbauer, who played the promoter for a special series of 30 post-yellow 3,000 GTs equipped with OZ rims and Remus exhausts.

From 1994 onwards, ellipsoid headlights replaced the pop-up headlights. There were also lower horsepower versions without a twin turbo. In the USA, the 3,000 GT with slight bodywork retouches was launched as the Dodge Stealth.

Honda CRX from around 1,900 euros

Do you remember the small, almost square Honda -Coupés with the large fastback rear windows and the unavoidable retrofit exhaust systems with the double furnace tailpipes? Those were the wild predecessors of the open CRX del Sol, which could not build on the success of the piranha-like, biting CRX coupés.

In return, the last CRX generation for the time being has a Targa roof that opposes Surcharge electrically pushes back under the trunk lid. It looks spectacular, but takes almost a minute and takes up a lot of space in the rear. So it's better to stow the roof part by hand. In contrast to its often crashed predecessor, the open-air CRX is very present on the used market. The powerful, easy-revving VTi engines with 160 HP at 7,600 rpm allow sporty driving performance with a top speed of up to 210 km /h.

Audi TT from around 3500 euros

The original version of the Audi TT gained the reputation of a widow maker due to several serious high-speed accidents. The cute, postmodern coupé body, under which a nasty VW Golf is hidden, generated considerable lift at the rear, which occasionally started to overtake when the accelerator was suddenly released in fast motorway curves. A rear spoiler and ESP introduced in spring 2000 put an end to the hustle and bustle.

Especially the two all-wheel-drive top models 1.8 T Quattro with 225 HP and 3.2 Quattro with 250 HP achieve thanks to their compact external dimensions (length only 4.04 Meters) and low weight, outstanding performance. The mostly quite well-equipped luxury coupés are well made, but only offer two seats and a headroom that is somewhat restricted for tall drivers.

Corvette C4 from around 8,000 euros

Regardless of which version you choose, two things are always included: a V8 with 5.7 liters displacement and a removable Targa roof (excluding top model ZR-1). The very early, weak engine versions up to the L98 with 240 hp from 1987 should be avoided. The LT1 machine delivers real power from 1992 with 306 HP. The simple design compared to the C3 predecessor and an excellently balanced chassis are a big plus, negligent detail processing and previous owners are a big minus. Zicky power version ZR-1 (photo) only for connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Jaguar XK8 from around 8,500 euros

Hard to believe that the XK8 is the direct descendant of the stately, sedate XJS. There are no optical features in common, and technically only the supporting drive shafts of the rear axle are reminiscent of the long luxury liner. In contrast, the front end of the XK8 is very similar to the legendary car quartet champion E-Type with 240 hp and 240 km /h, which incidentally were pure fiction. Unlike the XK8, whose 284 hp are even electronically braked at 250 km /h - despite just under 1.7 tons. If you need even more power, we recommend the more vulnerable XKR compressor variant (photo) with 365 hp.

Porsche 944 from around 6,500 euros

This is what the narrow 924 looks like after spending a year in the gym like Tim Wiese: broad shoulders and thick upper arms in the form of inflated wheel arches with comparatively small wheels. But much more important: a real Porsche engine is now grumbling under the hood. Still a four-cylinder, but now with decent muscles. The standard 2.5-liter makes a hefty 163 hp (without catalytic converter), which was soon followed by an S version with 190 hp and the S2 with three liters of displacement and 211 hp. Thanks to 250 PS, the 944 Turbo from 1989 almost 911 mileage. Solid workmanship and good rust prevention make the 944 a popular classic collection vehicle.

Nissan 200 SX from around 4,500 euros

Oh Silvia, how have you changed! Weren't you even an angular pop-up headlamp coupé that looked like a Bertone design out of the trash? Now we meet a softly shaped notchback softie who has at least inherited the rear-wheel drive from you. The engine output, on the other hand, rose from 122 to an almost unbelievable 200 hp thanks to the turbocharger and four overhead camshafts.

Even the direct 200-SX predecessor with its generously glazed hatchback generated an impressive 169 hp. But the rare 200 PS SX with the notchback that looked so cozy was also valid because of itsexcellent chassis with multi-link rear axle as an insider tip among connoisseurs: 235 km /h top and 0 to 100 km /h in 7.5 seconds are still respectable values ​​today. Good specimens are therefore in collectors' hands and are happy to be slightly tuned.

Mercedes CLK from around 4,900 euros

Compared to the previous Pummel-CLK, its C-209 successor is downright an Adonis. Only the now tearfully flowing double headlights disturb the otherwise all-round successful look. And the fact that it is a sports car is impressively demonstrated by the large selection of V8 power engines that upgrade the CLK to a real muscle car. How much horsepower should it be: 306, 388, 481, 507 or even 582?

However, only the 100-times built, extremely upgraded special model CLK DTM AMG from 2004 creates the 582 hp, the like a song by Fanta Vier sounds. Anyone looking for genuine understatement will be better off with the CLK 500 from 2006 onwards. The 5.5-liter V8 develops 388 hp and accelerates the compact coupé from zero to 100 km /h in 5.2 seconds. Even very convenient with automatic.

Alfa GTV from around 2,400 euros

The coupé designed by Pininfarina still amazes today because of its idiosyncratic look. Four round headlights the size of a beer cap, embedded directly into the bonnet, the pronounced wedge shape of the side line and the short, choppy-looking rear make the 916 series a real eye-catcher. Thanks to its direct steering, the low-profile GTV is one of the most agile front-wheel drive vehicles of its time. And the top version with 3.2 liter 24V V6 and lively 240 hp actually achieves sporty driving performance: 0 to 100 km /h in 6.3 seconds, top 250 km /h. The Twin-Spark four-cylinder with 150 PS easily crack the 200 km /h mark.

Unfortunately, the GTV coupés and convertibles suffered from poor workmanship and construction defects such as the frameless side windows, freezing door openers, defective wiper motors and gigantic gaps. Very optimistic factory change intervals for the timing belts of the Twin Spark engines led to engine damage.

BMW Z3 Coupé from around 7,900 euros

Anyone sitting in the glass house should have at least a six-cylinder with at least 193 hp under the short hood. That was probably what BMW thought when the puppy-looking Z3 Roadster was given a fixed coupe roof. Just a shame that it is quite high and not very dynamic. For a classic shooting brake that the Z3 Coupé actually represents, it lacks the evil and devious, which corresponds more to its true character. Even the standard version with a 2.8-liter straight-six is ​​running230 km /h.

Thanks to its stiffer body, the Coupé surpasses its roadster counterpart by a long way with its crisp, direct handling. The rare M Coupé from 2001 even competes in the Porsche 911 league with 325 hp, but with its short wheelbase it needs a hard-hitting driver. The Z3 Coupé is already a sought-after young timer.


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