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VW Up variants in the driving report: automatic, natural gas, Cross and E-Up

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If already, because already - the old slogan fits perfectly with the new variants of the V W Up, with which VW wants to expand its small car into an extensive model family. Quite right, it does not stop at the two-door, which has so far won every comparison test and rushed straight to first place in the registration statistics of its class. There's a lot more to come.

As a first step, the VW Up Four-door model will be available from May, which does not change its length (3.54 meters) and height (1.48 meters) and only slightly changes its weight. The surcharge is also much more moderate at 475 euros than for the larger Polo (760 euros). However, there are no electrically retractable panes in the rear doors, but simple, inexpensive hinged windows. That doesn't really matter because on the back seats of the VW Up probably nobody is planning a vacation trip to the Black Sea. Rather, it is about being able to buckle the dear children more comfortably into their seat or to be able to chauffeur the three best friends to the cinema.

VW Up four-door with unchanged dimensions

are suitable for this the extra doors are great, as our little experiment shows: We asked four women to take a seat in the VW Up four-door and stopped the time. After exactly 15 seconds everyone was in their seats. With the two-door, the quartet took exactly twice as long. The four-door model also has another function: it is supposed to compete with successful multi-door models such as Fiat Panda and Kia Picanto.

VW is changing the range of engines in the VW Up - so far there are only two one-liter petrol engines with 60 and 75 hp Nothing. At least for now. From May onwards, the transversely installed three-cylinder can optionally be ordered with an automated manual transmission. For an extra 700 euros, it will change five gear stages independently in the future - and hopefully not cause such strong head shakes as we experienced on the first test drive. Because, similar to the Smart Fortwo, the shift pauses in the VW Up automatic come suddenly and last an eternity compared to the DSG transmission. The whole thing doesn't work much better if you operate the gear lever yourself. Clear conclusion: ThereVW should fine-tune it a little.

On the other hand, the VW Up CNG, the natural gas version with 68 hp, hardly needs any fine-tuning. It enriches the small family from September and will especially please budget freaks. A twelve-kilogram natural gas tank ensures a range of 350 kilometers, and if there is no gas station in sight, the ten-liter gasoline tank calms you down. The VW Cross Up will give us a touch of wanderlust and freakiness at the next Christmas party - a fun version in the style of the Cross Polo with four doors, 75 hp and eye-catching plastic paneling as standard, but without all-wheel drive.

VW E-Up not more than 25,000 euros

The VW E-Up, which will go on sale in mid-2013, is more innovative. The dwarf carries its lithium-ion batteries with 18.7 kWh in the middle under the vehicle floor, which does not reduce the size of the trunk and optimize the weight distribution. Under the hood, a 60 kilowatt electric motor generates 210 Newton meters of torque, with which the VW E-Up resolutely sprints forward on our first drive. It is braked either conventionally or through three recuperation modes that are activated via the gearshift lever. The electric motor works as a generator and fills the batteries with electricity. At what price VW will offer the E-Up is not yet certain. But it shouldn't be more than 25,000 euros.

What is still missing? Emotional variants such as the 110 hp VW Up GT, which sprints from zero to 100 km /h in less than nine seconds. And a small series of the buggy! VW has not yet spoken the last word on either of the IAA Concept Cars. Hopefully it starts with J - the brand fans will be grateful.


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