VW Polo: Why there won't be an R version

Achim Hartmann
VW Polo
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'We'll have an R version that we think makes sense'. And that means you don't do everything. In stark contrast to the Audi S models, which are present in almost all model series, it seems clear that the Polo has to do without the R label.

Polo R too close to the Golf R

'The Polo wouldn't work,' says Capito. There is interest, but the volume is too low and the costs are too high. In addition, a Polo R is positioned too close to the upcoming 333 hp Golf R (see photo show).

According to the R boss, there will be no R versions of the T Cross and give up. After all, power models from Capito are already at the start with the T-Roc R and the Touareg. The Arteon R and the Arteon Shootingbrake R will be added soon. But certainly not with the supercharged 3.0-liter VR6, but with a sophisticated two-liter four-cylinder.


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