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VW Polo GTI in the driving report: More steam with manual transmission

Achim Hartmann
VW Polo GTI in the driving report
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S o, now there is a whole piece of the Golf GTI in it small polo. Its top model is powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder derived from the two-liter unit. Wait a minute - no more downsizing? When the previously used 1.4-liter TSI with turbocharger and compressor was celebrated as the solution to all efficiency problems? No, because the new one can do everything better, has 192 instead of 180 hp, develops a maximum torque of 320 instead of 250 Newton meters, no longer uses a drop - and starts like nothing good.

The Turbo lag is in the Polo GTI zu

The direct injection engine with double camshaft adjustment skips an impending turbo lag with almost no delay, shows no weakness, struggles bravely through the speed range up to over 6,500 rpm, which is absolutely not a must, because the lush torque makes you relaxed .

Relaxed? A Polo GTI? No. So quickly press the sport button in the center console, the steering, sound and dampers are armed, and the Polo is no longer afraid of racetracks. Well, in principle it still understeers a little there too, the chassis, which has been modified with thicker stabilizers and new coupling rods, among other things, doesn't change that much, but if you show courage on the brakes and the gas, you can feel the rear pushing.

ESP cannot be switched off

The ESP, which cannot be switched off, prevents critical tail swings, it only leaves the reins somewhat in the second stage looser. The electronic differential lock is also a little more relaxed. She is now working under pull and thrust, but when accelerating out of switchbacks it whistles on the relieved front wheel. But the traction on wet roads is impressive, here the Polo remains extremely stable. Well, and actually everything also fits on dry asphalt, at least when you have fun cornering on the country road. No matter where: The new, electromechanical steering always helps with precise operation, the checkered sports seats offer very good lateral support, but are typically high mounted in a small car.

Yes, and LED headlights are now still available for the VW Polo GTI (costs at least 22,275 euros, by the way) and a little more cosmetics. But it is the engine that inspires, especially in combination with the easily and precisely shiftable six-speed gearbox, with which the Polo goes from zero to two tenths of a second fasterAccelerate 100 km /h (6.7 seconds), but should not consume more than before (6.0 L /100 km).

Would you prefer DSG? This continues to exist, but requires a reduction in engine torque to 250 Nm. But who wants that. After all, it is only with full power that there is more Golf GTI in the Polo than ever before. And that the manual switch accelerates as fast as the automatic machine with double clutch is now rare - and balm for the sports driver's soul.


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