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VW Fox in the used car check: small cars with weak shape

VW Fox in the used vehicle check
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History repeats itself after all: With the F ox VW wanted to replace the Lupo and a Solve problem - the high production costs. In the end, the VW Fox, which is very spacious for its class, not only cost too much to import, but also caused major quality problems.

VW Fox with 55, 60 or 75 hp

Im VW Fox makes the three-cylinder petrol engine (each after model year with 55 or 60 hp) always trouble. On the one hand with minor annoyances such as jerking starting, which defied several software updates of the engine control, on the other hand with damage to the cylinder head. If it breaks, the repair can easily cost 2,400 euros (VW often grants goodwill for this damage).

With the high-maintenance 1.4-liter diesel version, the timing belt has to be changed regularly - some workshops recommend replacing it every 60,000 km, which costs a good 500 euros. The best - no, actually only - choice remains the 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 75 hp. The four-cylinder ensures a lively temperament with hardly any higher fuel consumption than the 1200. It's rare, but it's worth the search: it's reliable.

Numerous problems

The VW Fox problems with his electrics. This can be seen in undramatic but annoying defects in turn signals and rear lights. In addition to the engines, the Fox's greatest weakness: rattling, crackling, poorly painted interior materials and stuck windscreen wipers ruined the reputation of the little Fox early on.

In the Euro NCAP crash test, the Fox achieved four stars in 2005, but that doesn't change anything about its antiquated safety equipment. Even side airbags were surcharge, windowbags never existed, ESP was only standard in the last model year, before that cost 435 euros extra and was therefore rarely ordered. The safe driving behavior is only counteracted by weakly decelerating brakes.

The next big problem area of ​​the VW Fox: Excessive brake wear, torn drive shaft sleeves, worn tie rod ends and wishbone bearings cause expensive repairs.


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