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Used small cars: bargains thanks to the scrapping bonus?

Used small cars
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D en The demise of the used car market was predicted by some in 2009, the year of the scrapping bonus Expert. And indeed: At that time, young used cars had a hard time on the market in view of the 2,500 euro gift from Father State for new and annual cars.

Used car prices have remained largely stable

But how does the market look like today? Have the prices really slumped permanently? We checked it out on six small and small cars that were bargains three years ago. The result: used car prices have largely remained stable. Young second-hand models in this segment apparently remain in demand as ever. Sometimes this is also due to the fact that a large proportion of the buyers at the time did not want to give up the new cars so quickly and thus supplies for the used car trade stall.

It is not uncommon for three-year-olds to cost as much as new cars minus the premium as well as the discounts that were granted at the time. This is also due to the level of equipment: While many basic models of the Fiat Panda or Chevrolet Matiz left the dealerships, buyers of a Skoda Fabia or VW Polo often approved various extras such as air conditioning or ESP. Accordingly, the new car prices were then well above those of the enticing offers. For used car buyers it means to take a closer look when comparing prices.


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